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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Computer Training

Today I had my first training session since receiving my new
computer. These past three weeks have been rough on me
tech-wise. After the computer was set up, I was left in a
position where I couldn't really do anything with it.
Several emails got stuck on the computer that I couldn't
access. It's been driving me crazy.
My trainer came to the rescue today. I'll just call him
Techman. We decided to start on Outlook. Part of the
reason is because I've been obsessing over those emails I
haven't been able to access in three weeks. But there's
another reason. My Braille Note M Power needs to be sent to
Humanware for repairs. Being able to use Outlook will allow
me to read email while my precious baby is away.
Several people have expressed surprise that I am learning
Outlook instead of Outlook Express. Don't ask me to explain
it. Techman says Outlook is better. According to him,
Outlook Express is part of Windows but I'm using Jaws.
Okay, whatever. Outlook it is.
We spent two hours going over commands to create new emails,
send, reply, forward, read, and move to another folder. I
performed tests by sending emails to myself and replying.
What fun conversation that was. And I was so happy to find
those missing emails. One of them was important enough that
I forwarded it to my other account to pick up with my
Braille Note. I'm not taking anymore chances with that
Techman showed me how to open a different folder and move
through the list of emails. That is part of what messed me
up so badly during my earlier attempts. Now I know the
right way to do it. Thank goodness for that.
I also learned to bypass the Focus Whiz Wheels at this
point. They are taking me to the wrong place. so for now,
I'll just use the arrow keys on the computer. One thing at
a time.
Did I understand it all? Will I remember it? I have no
idea. I took notes on my Braille Note this time so I have
something to look back You better believe I need those
notes! It's just too much to take in all at once. Techman
decided it was time to stop when I began showing signs of
We did not change the email setup to leave messages on the
server like I wanted to. That would have allowed me to pick
up email on the Braille Note, too, just for back up.
Techman didn't think it was a good idea. He says I can do
my email on the computer now. I hope he's right. I've got
a full month to practice on my own until he comes back.
Wish me luck!

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