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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Transportation Update

I want to post a short update about my transporation issues.
I am happy to report that today was absolutely perfect.
The bus drivers pulled it off without a single flaw.
Still, considering what the transporation staff has been
doing to resolve the problems, it's not too surprising it
worked out today. Perhaps it had something to do with the
supervisor who was shadowing the bus on both trips to make
sure everything went okay. Being followed by your boss has
that kind of effect on a person.
The supervisors in the personnel and training departments
have been trying so hard to help me get what I need.
They've come up with all sorts of ideas. It's really nice
that they are trying. But, somehow, it never seem to make
it down to the drivers, the ones who are actually working
with me.
Here's the most ironic part. On Monday morning, the
transporation service held a training session on
deaf-blindness and my own specific needs. They even put
blindfolds and ear plugs on the drivers to simulate
deaf-blindness. You'd think something like this would have
a positive impact on the situation. An hour later, a
driver took me to the wrong building and a supervisor took
me to the wrong door. I guess it didn't sink in too well.
After my mishap on Monday, I am now telling the drivers to
take me to the East door of the Languages building. This is
the door by the handicapped parking spaces. It is the
only door that is supposed to be used by the campus and
county bus services. It shouldn't be so difficult for them
to figure out where to take me. And yet, it is.
Today, the driver helped me on the bus at my house. Then
there was a long wait before he shut the door and started
the bus. That was odd. I found out later that the driver
went back to my house and asked my mother which door he was
supposed to take me to. He wasn't sure which doorway is the
East entrance.
Okay... Hello? Aren't bus drivers supposed to be kind of
like navigators? They travel all over the county. They
are supposed to know where they are going. And you would
think they know directions. The East entrance is the one on
the East side of the building. How hard is that?
I'm being sarcastic because I think it's silly. But at
least this driver took the time to ask. He didn't just
assume and leave me at the wrong place. Maybe he only did
this because his boss was watching from another vehicle. I
don't know. It doesn't matter right now.
Today was a success. That's a start. My self-esteem
certainly needed the boost. Will it last? Stayed tuned
for the continuing adventures of "Dot Bug Rides the Bus."

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