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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Have You Ever Talked To Yourself? Guest Blogger 02

So many times, those of us who are deaf-blind find ourselves
in very difficult situations. It's not just me. sometimes
my friends online bring up their own issues and experiences
that I would like to share. I am calling this my "Guest
Blogger" series.
I strongly relate to the situation my friend discusses
below. I don't think sighted people are trying to be me.
I suspect they just don't understand. They can't imagine
what it truly feels like and means to be without vision and
hearing. When this kind of situation happens to me, it's
so embarrassed. I get red in the face and feel silly or
stupid. I wish sighted people would stop to THINK before
they put me in this kind of position. How would they feel
if someone did this to them?
Here is a story from another friend who is deaf-blind:

Have You Ever Talked To Yourself?

One thing I hate about being blind, I can be talking away to
someone and they just walk away and i am still talking to myself.
Oh, that does annoy me so much!
One woman in blind society is so damn bloody ignorant!
She has got a bad habit of walking away and talking to
others. Someone else will shout to me, "You're talking to
yourself again!" Oh, I get so embarrassed! I wish I could
ignore that person and see how she likes it.
That has happened to me for years. Either they don't like
talking to me and can't be bothered listening to me, or they
do it for the fun of it and enjoy watching me talking away.
One will never know.
my helper Julia always tells me if someone is talking to
me. If they turn away, she will say, "They've gone." Or if
Julia is going to get my dinner in a restaurant, she
will tap my writs and say, "I'm going to the counter for a
minute." Then she will say, "I'm back now and to your
right." All it takes is a couple of seconds to explain.

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