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Friday, May 15, 2009

Tech Update

            As you can clearly see, I'm back to posting blog entries.  Unfortunately, that doesn't mean my technology issues have been resolved.  There's bad news... and good news... and more good news... and more bad news.  I guess you really do win some and lose some.

            The  nasty, horrible, upsetting bad news is that my Braille Note M Power  is still not working right.  The new network card did not solve the  trouble. This  means another internal problem.   I have not been able to do email or  internet on my BN for a month.   I'm still  struggling to charge the battery.  I actually have to hold the AC adapter in place while it charges.

            I have no choice.  The BN MUST go to the shop for repairs.  I'm always so desperate when it's gone.  It's like part of me is missing.  The BN is my "home."  Without it, I'm lost.

            I've been working hard to learn to use my new computer.  The people on DB Techies mailing list have been so great and helpful.  They answer all my stupid questions and  give me how-to steps when needed.  (which is often.)  I'm managing to do my  email and blogs on the PC but it's  really hard.

            The good news is that the Classic Braille Note loaner is now functioning.  My dad worked with Humanware tech support  to bring it back to life.  I will have a loaner while my machine is in the shop.  We still don't know if it will do email.  It  won't have all my files or address book.  It's better than nothing, however.

            I'm also pleased to report that I'm back in touch with my DB Trainer.  She gave me the  chain that goes with my pocket watch and all the info I need to send the  defective watch in for repairs.  She even called and arranged a repair order.  It is under warranty so they will fix it for free.  That's something, at least.

            Then we have the other bad news.  My special clock for the deaf-blind is broken... again!  This is a big square thing with sixty levers all around the face that are used to set the alarm.  It is such a weird machine.  It has given me grief since the beginning.   It's fragile.  The hands fall off.  The time never  stays set right.  Most of the time I can't even use it.

            A few weeks ago, I woke JD up two hours early  for school.  The time appeared to be set right but the alarm went off way too early.  It does that all the time.  JD thought my mistake was funny.  I was not amused.  I give up on it.   I'm going to buy a new clock.  In the meantime, my father has to wake me up so I can wake JD up.  It's frustrating.

            Technology is wonderful.  Technology is horrible.  You love it.  You hate it.  You want it.  You want to get rid of it.  Life is so odd.  That's the end of this week's tech update.



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