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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Transporation Again

After several weeks of flawless performance, the transporation service blew it today. Once again, they took me to the wrong door. How hard can it be to understand? My ability to move around on my own depends on knowing where I am. I can't do that if they take me to the wrong starting point.

I think they took me to this door once before. It's the one that is no where near the elevator, in a part of the building I'm not at all familiar with. I knew I was screwed when I rounded a corner that's not supposed to be there.

I stopped and leaned back against the wall. I stood there for several minutes with my eyes closed... just breathing and thinking. I wasn't scared and I wasn't upset. I felt nothing but total and complete frustration. Lost again!

Finally, I called out for help. No one came. The hall was very quiet so maybe no one heard me. I decided to start walking. I figured if I followed the wall and stayed on the right side, I would eventually come across the elevator. It's simply logical.

I moved around a couple corners, down the hall, past two doors.... I kept my hand on the wall so I would know what I was passing. And then it happened - my fingers glided across the unmistakable shape of the elevator buttons. Success! I was so excited I did a found little dance, shook my butt and chanted, "yes, yes, yes!" I sure hope nobody saw me.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to mentally map the layout of the building. I was too busy trying to find a familiar landmark. I wasn't paying attention to the route I traveled. Still, it was a good strategy. If this ever happens again, I should be able to repeat the trick and find my way around again.

I spent a mind-boggling hour working on Unit 15 with an ASL iv student. That unit must have a million signs! It gave me a headache. Then I went to class where we had a short quiz and did a dialog on videotape. It was an unexpected short class. I was finished more than an hour before my bus was scheduled to arrive.

Thus is the life of a person who is deaf-blind. I found a not-so-comfy place to sit on my usual bench. And I waited. It was okay. It gave me the chance to finish a good book I've been reading. Another week of school has come and gone. Maybe next week will be better.

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  1. Thanks for this blog. It gives good information on the navigation needs/expectations of a deafblind person.