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Monday, July 27, 2009

Tech Doom and Gloom

            It just keeps getting worse.  Each new blog has a more ominous title.  As you probably guessed this isn't going to be a happy note.

            My Braille Note  finally returned to me after two months in the shop.  I was so excited as we got  it plugged in.  My baby was back!  I was ready for action!

            First, I checked the charger.  It worked beautifully.  I plugged it in and it  started charging.  You just don't get better than that.

            The braille display looks  crisp and clean.  The braille feels so good under my fingers.  Two problems fixed.  One left to check.

            At first, I thought the wireless connection was back, too.  it worked once.  But only once.  That's the same thing that happened when I got the new wireless card a few months ago.   No matter what I did, I could not get the wireless to work again.  So much for the end of my ordeal.

            The local Humanware  sales representative is coming here on Wednesday to install my DBC.  He will look at the wireless then.  We think it may be a problem that can be fixed   on my end.  It could be that my new wireless card is defective.  Or it might be a configuration error.  Either way, it might be easy to fix once we figure out the problem.  I still had hope.

            It's all gone now.  I was reading tonight when the   charger suddenly turned off.  We checked all the connections.  They are in place.  But the machine won't charge.  Finally I  held the  charger in and to the left.  This is what I've had to  do since  the accident in January that caused the damage.  It worked.  The machine began charging.  But as soon as I let go, it  turned off.

            This is exactly the same problem I was having before I sent the machine in for repairs.  They said they fixed it by soldering a piece back in place.  I guess that piece only lasted for five days.   All I know is that the charger is  once again not working.

            It's  like the machine never went in for repairs.  It's just as broken as it was two months ago.  Oh, but that's not true.  They did replace a braille cell.    Ironically, it was a cell I never knew I was having trouble with.  But they fixed it.

            I am so upset now.  I waited two months to get my Braille Note back and it's still  broken!  I imagine I'll have to send it in again.  There's really no other option.  At this rate, I won't have  my machine repaired  in time for classes in the Fall.

            There are more problems, too.  My father is fighting with AT&T to get a SIM card for my DBC.  I need the SIM card in order to send and receive text messages.  They want $60 a month for a cell phone plan.  They claim you can't get text service alone.  We know this isn't true.  People who are deaf  are eligible for text only plan at a reduced cost.  Many  deaf people use cell phones as pagers.  I've seen it and I know it's possible.

            It's  a battle at two fronts.  We are fighting  Humanware and we are fight AT&T.  I just want it to be all over!  I'm so tired of all this tech doom and gloom.


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