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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mobility Tips

I had another mobility lesson today. Once again, we were
working outside my home. I made it perfectly to the first
corner and back. I have been given official clarence to
make that walk on my own. It's a small accomplishment but
it's something.
The second street is still proving to be a challenge. I'm
doing better but it will take more work and practice. The
more I do it, the better I get. I don't like to mess up but
I realize I can learn from my mistakes.
I discovered a few mobility tips that helped me today. When
walking across those driveways, I found it's easier if I
press down harder on my cane. With the rolling tips, I feel
the ground better with a little pressure. This is helping
me to identify the very slight cracks or lip of the
driveway. With the extra push, I am able to find something
to shoreline. That helps me stay straight.
I also noticed that I do better if I stop walking before
going across a driveway. I stand still for a moment and
feel around with my cane. I'm looking for that line to
follow. It often takes a few swings to find it. If I just
walk out into the driveway without pausing, I usually miss
Today I finally had the "pleasure" of meeting the street.
My mobility teacher didn't stop me as I wandered toward the
street. She wanted me to feel what it would be like. I
felt gravel and rocks and then smoothness. Apparently
that's a bad thing. If I feel that, I need to get back
quick! It's certainly a good lesson to learn.
By the time I reached my home, I had a blister forming on my
index finger. My teacher told me I shouldn't squeeze the
cane so hard. I don't think I was squeezing. Except for
going across the driveways, I use a relatively light touch.
She said it might be from sweat. That's possible. It sure
was hot out there.
I gained a little more experience on my walk today. I did
just a little better. I figured out some tips to make it
easier. It always feels so good to have a positive
mobility session.

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