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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours

You know the old saying. When it rains, it pours. And I mean
that literally!

It was absolutely pouring when we got up this morning. JD was
actually happy about the rain. He wanted to wear his new rain
poncho to school. It's the kind that folds up into a little
pouch. He loves it and looks so cute in it.

I wasn't so pleased. I was freezing. When JD left for school, I
went back to bed. I still couldn't get warm and had to add
another blanket to my covers.

Then I didn't want to get up again. It was just too cold. I
put it off way too long. By the time I got out of bed, I was
rushing to get dressed and each lunch.

When I turned on my CI processor, I could hear the patter of
rain on the rooftop. It really has to be raining hard for me to
hear it. Not what I wanted on a class day.

I put my Easy Mac in the microwave. Nothing happened. The
machine wouldn't start. I had to call my mom for help. I didn't
have time for this.

She couldn't get the microwave to start, either. She told me to
make a cheese sandwich instead. I actually had the bread out
before I realized I use the microwave for my cheese sandwiches,
too. Ugh. I ended up eating a bagel.

It was raining when the bus arrived. I was happy to get inside
the building when we arrived. I was lost in thought as I
walked down the hall. I didn't thud into benches and students
like usually. I thought I was having a good mobility day. I
should have know better.

Even when I hit the second doorway far too soon, I didn't
recognize that something was wrong. Then I hit one of those
corners that shouldn't be there. Oh, not good!

So the transporation service had taken me to the wrong door
again. Will we ever get this straightened out? Probably not.

I started to wander. someone touched me and said something. I
assume she was asking if I needed help. I asked her to take me
to the elevator. It was a long walk. That means I was nowhere
near where I was supposed to be.

Class was good. We are still working on describing shapes.
Each student brought in five objects and describe them to a
partner. We had to guess what the object was. It was a fun

My teacher also had two boxes of different shaped items for me to
use on a quiz on Thursday. She'll describe a shape. I have to
find the objects and put them together in a 3D model of what she
describes. The other students will use pictures. I like this
accommodation. My instructor is very clever.

It was still raining after class. The bus was already waiting
for me. It was a nice, quick ride home for a change. But
there was a problem. It wasn't MY home. They took me to the
neighbor's house. Good grief!

Now it's still pouring down outside. JD is at soccer practice.
I'm guessing he'll be wet and muddy when he gets home. I sense
a long bath in his future. Let's home the sun comes out

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