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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Craft Corner

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a Deaf Women's Brunch.
The event is sponsored each month at Community Services for the
Deaf. This office is sort of local for me. It's the closest
Deaf organization in my area. It's exciting to find a place
where I can go for Deaf social events.

Each month, the staff offers a different craft for the women to
make at the brunch. I'm not a very crafty person. In fact, I'm
horrible at art. I still enjoy arts and crafts even if most of
my creations end up in a trash can.

I really liked the craft we did at the brunch yesterday so I
wanted to share with my dear blog readers. Perhaps you would
enjoy making this craft, too. Just be careful with the glue gun.
Even with sighted help, I burned my thumb. Ouch!

This craft is a stuffed glove that is positioned in an "I love
you" handshape sign. It's perfect for people who are deaf or
love ASL. You can decorate the glove in many different ways with
all sorts of items. It makes a great room decoration or a
beautiful Christmas tree ornament.

First, you need a glove. I've seen them called "Magic" gloves
before. It's a thin, felt glove with stretchy material. It
looks small but when he put it on, the glove stretches to snuggly
fit your hand. They are cheap and come in many colors.

After you pick the color you want for your glove, use regular
craft stuffing to stuff it nice and fat. Put stuffing into all
the fingers. You can also add pot pourri to make your craft
small nice. If you add scent to the glove, it makes a cute
air freshener,.

Once the glove is filled with stuffing, use a hot glue gun to
glue the opening of the glove together. Be sure to press firmly
and hold the two parts of the glove together for a few minutes
after you apply the glue. This is true any time you use the hot
glue gun whether it's to glue the glove parts together or add
decorations. If you don't apply pressure while the glue dries,
it won't stay together or pieces will fall off.

Next, pick out a string or ribbon to use for hanging your craft.
Again, you can use any color or style. Place the string under
the middle and ring fingers on the palm side of the hand.

Now glue down the middle and ring fingers to the upper palm
of the glove. This will form the "I love you" handshape. It's
much easier to put the string in place before gluing the two
fingers. Otherwise, you need to thread it under the fingers and
that might cause problems.

Tie the two ends of the string together. This forms a loop that
can be used to hang the stuffed glove. The two glued down
fingers keep the string securely in place. You are actually
hanging the glove from those two fingers. It works great.

Finally, you can decorate the glove. There are many options for
this part. You can use beads, lace, plastic shapes, metal
designs, etc. Anything that can be glued can probably be used
as a decoration. You can make the craft very fancy or keep it

For my first "I love you" craft, I made a Christmas tree
ornament. I used a red glove and a green, frilly ribbon. I
glued green and white plastic hearts on the hand of the glove.
Toward the bottom, I added a plastic design that says the word

I liked the smell of the pot pourri and decided to make a second
craft. This one is for my bedroom as an air freshener. After
burning myself on the flue gun, I decided to keep the second
craft simple. I used a white glove and a pink beaded string. I
did not add any other decorations to this one.

This craft was so popular that many of the women at the brunch
made four or five or even more of them. Each one was creative,
different and beautiful. So, go ahead, give it a try. I think
you will be pleased with the results. Until next time, this is
the end of Dot Bug's Craft Corner.

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