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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why Are So Many People Against It? - Guest Blogger 01

Healthcare is a major topic in the news right now. Like me, so
many people who are deaf-blind have Medicare. There's a lot that
can be said about Medicare. The sad part is that it's much
better than state Medicaid. For some people who are deaf-blind,
Medicaid is the best they can do.

You complain about Medicare or your private Health insurance.
It's only natural because insurance is always a pain. Try to see
it from the other side. What would you do if you had to depend
on Medicaid? It really changes your perspective on the whole
Healthcare debate.

Here's another great blog from Holly Alonzo. She gets to the
real heart of the matter.

President Obama's healthcare overhaul would do many people a lot
of good.

Take me for example. I currently have Medicaid, which is
government-run. If they do approve something, it has to be
within this state,. Or the out-of-state establishment has to
enroll in the Arkansas Medicaid program. That is a lot of work,
and the out-of-state place usually never gets paid anyway,. So
they choose not to waste their time.

Medicare is nationwide. Someone on Medicare in New Jersey can go
to California or any place that takes Medicare in the country
(which almost all places do). If this were the case with Medicaid
I wouldn't be trying to raise these funds for the ABI.

I can not get private insurance either because of NF2 being a
pre-existing condition. I would gladly pay a monthly price for
coverage if they would let me. But under the current healthcare
system, I can't even do that.

I really have nothing. For all intense and purposes, I might as
well be uninsured. Arkansas Medicaid stops covering just about
everything when a person turns 21. I am now almost 23.

I had to go to a wheelchair because Arkansas Medicaid would not
cover physical therapy for me since I was now 21 or older. I
need physical therapy to work on my balance so I don't fall every
time I try to walk.

It is not only me. There are plenty of people in my family and
others I know who work hard, but do not get insurance coverage
through their work. They are usually struggling to try to make
ends meet, and can not afford private insurance. So they go
uncovered. My Mom is one of those who is not covered at all. I
don't think I've seen her go to a doctor more than two or three

No one should have to go through this life without medical
and no one should die because they can't afford a treatment.
They also should not have to go broke trying.

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