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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's a Divorced Christmas

Millions of families all over the country are experiencing the
same thing. It's a divorced Christmas. Children are split.
Who gets the kids this year?

We solve the problem by alternating holidays. I get JD for
Christmas every other year. This isn't my year.

That's right. It's Christmas and I don't have my son. People
often express sympathy about this. "I'm so sorry you won't be
with JD on Christmas."

Okay. Yes, it's true. I wish I could spend Christmas morning
with my son. I'd like to see his face as he opens that special
gift from Santa and all his Christmas dreams come true.

At the same time, it doesn't really matter. I am glad that JD
can spend Christmas with his father. He needs to have a good
relationship with his dad Every boy needs to know and love his
dad. Spending the holiday together will be a special and bonding
experiencing for them.

I don't feel I'm losing out on anything because JD will be gone.
Christmas is more than just a day. Christmas is a season... a
time for love and family. Christmas can happen on any day. It's
the Christmas spirit that counts.

We will have Christmas on December 31st when JD is back. We'll
light the tree, get up way too early and open gifts. We'll spend
the day together. Then we'll stay up all night and ring in the
New Year together. Double the fun. Double the holiday magic.

Don't feel sorry for me because I'm alone on Christmas. I'll
have the best Christmas.... just a little later than the rest of
the world. Look at it this way - I still have an entire week
left to do my Christmas shopping while you run around like mad
to get it all finished at the last minute. And I can take
advantage of after-Christmas sales to get the best prices for my
Christmas presents. Ha!

Merry Christmas to all.... Today, tomorrow or next week.

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