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Saturday, January 2, 2010

I've Decided to Have a Positive Attitude - Guest Blogger 02

It's not easy being deaf-blind. So often, we find ourselves
lonely and isolated. We depend on others for simple and basic
needs. We are sometimes overcome with sadness and depression.
But having a positive attitude really helps.

Here's one friend's story about how she has decided to have a
good attitude and do things on her own. We can all learn from
her example. It's the perfect message for a new year.

Last night in bed I was think to myself. I lay there and I
thought, "Hey, why am I like this, expecting sympathy from my
family and friends?" I said, "Come on, wake up to reality and
stop acting as if being deaf-blind is it."

So I lay there and thought really hard about it. If I let
people pity me, then all the more people are going to feel
really sorry for me. I decided that I am not going to allow
this in 2010.

It's not my fault my hearing deteriorated. It's not my fault I
went totally blind. Family and friends should be even more and
more understanding.

I noticed lately over the past few months that I have become
stronger in myself. I used to get jealous of my family and
used to cry deep inside myself and think, "Oh, this just not
fair Lord, why?"

Then I woke up one morning and I snapped out of it and said,
"Hey, look, this is not my fault so why am I pitying myself

I started to feel good and stronger. I said, "Right you lot,"
meaning my family and friends. "I'm going to show you lot what
I am made of."

It did the trick. I got more independent.

I use to call my sister round every five minutes at one time.
Not anymore. In fact, all this Christmas that has just gone
she was so shocked because I only ask her twice in a fortnight
for something I needed.

Boy did I feel so good and proud of myself.

I decided to get all my own presents this year. I decided who
was getting what then I wrapped all my own present. What I
did was to ask my sister to cut me lots of sheets of Christmas
paper and lie them all on the floor in the corner of the
living room with the white side of the paper facing the
ceiling. She folded one side inside so I knew when it came to
wrapping presents up, the nice colored part was on the carpet.

I felt so important wrapping my own presents up. Wow. It felt

Then I knew we were going to have bad snow conditions so I
decided to get extra milk in and freezed extra bread and food My
sister was so shocked how I did all this and organized my own
life. I even phoned doctors for extra tablets to see me through
the Christmas holidays. Wow, both my sisters were so
amazed. So independent there, wasn't I?

What I also learned is to speak up now and make my voice
heard and I am really enjoying it.

Now what I do is keep asking my sister, "Right, what are you
looking at now?" She knows then she has to tell me. She's
got no choice.

I am enjoying myself, finding out what's in the stores.
Being extra nosey pays off now. I am so anxious to know
colors of things now and learn new gadgets and how they work.
I am asking questions all about my surroundings.

I have learned not to feel isolated and bitter inside or get
upset. I find a way round. So now I am really a different
person and my family has noticed. I'm not that poor little
deaf-blind lady who sits in a corner all alone anymore.
No way! I will not allow that anymore!

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