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Monday, March 15, 2010

Deaf-Blind Oops

This weekend, I had the pleasure of finally attending a meeting
of my state deaf-blind organization. I've lived in this state
for over three years now but it's a long drive to where they have
the meetings. I've never been able to work out transportation
arrangements before.

The event seemed to be a combined business meeting, workshop and
social. I had a good time. I'm definitely glad I went.

For my ASL iv class, I need to do service hours working in the
deaf community. I decided to do this at the deaf-blind
organization meeting. My job was to sell tickets for a 50-50

I've never done anything like that before - not with vision or
without. I didn't have a clue how a deaf-blind person could
work with money and sell tickets. But it worked out well. My
SSP's helped me. We worked together as a team. It was actually
a thrilling experience to do something like this and I loved
having the chance to meet and talk with so many people.

Then I had my big embarrassing moment. A woman with a guide dog
came up to buy a raffle ticket. The dog was very close to me.
He kept nudging me. I didn't know what to do. I know you
aren't supposed to distract a working dog so I just patted his
head briefly.

The woman gave me her dollar. I tore off her ticket and then
handed it to her. Or at least that's what I thought I did.
Actually, it turns out that I gave the raffle ticket to the dog.
I put the ticket in his mouth. Oooops!

Well, thank goodness for SSP's. They rescued the ticket and
got it safely in the woman's hands. All was fine in the end -
except for my rather red face. So much for my dreams of being a
professional raffle ticket salesman!

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