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Friday, April 9, 2010


It's just a pizza. Large pan pizza from Pizza Hut. Extra cheese
on the whole thing. Pepperoni on half.

Just a pizza. So why am I so excited about it? Because this was
the first pizza I ordered for myself in over eight years.

I didn't even plan to do it. My parents were out for the
evening. I was supposed to "find something" for me and JD. I
didn't feel like having Spaghetti-o's and we didn't have much of
anything else.

I told JD I wish we could get a pizza. He said, "Yeah, let's
order a pizza!"

It's not that simple. I had money but no phone number. I didn't
know how to find the number. I don't even know who delivers
around here.

I suggested to JD that he look for numbers on the fridge. He
found a Pizza Hut magnet. He read the number to me and I used my
DBC to call.

I reached Pizza Hut but that location doesn't deliver. I was
disappointed. JD was so excited about getting a pizza. I
didn't want to let him down. So I asked if they had a number for
delivery and they gave me one.

I reached the second location. They deliver but not in my area.
They gave me yet another phone number and I tried a third Pizza

They say the third time's a charm. It worked. I had the right
building and talked to a very nice main. I decided to go a
little crazy and got cinnamon sticks with frosting, too. I
haven't had those in ages.

JD was so proud as he carried "our first pizza" to the kitchen.
He wanted to cut and serve it himself. It was such a good meal.
JD said "thank you" three times

So it was just a pizza but it was something special, too. It's
amazing how you don't even think about such little things in life
until you can know longer do them. Most people take it for
granted that they can just order a pizza if they don't feel like
cooking. As of now, I'm one of those masses again. If I want
it, I'll just order it. So easy... so normal. I love pizza!

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