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Friday, May 14, 2010

Tiny Tech Troubles

Technology is incredible. We dependent on it so much. And
when it breaks down, we are left in a state of panic and
desperation. but sometimes, every once in awhile, those
technology troubles are rather tiny and easy to fix.

First, I am pleased to report that I finally have a new alarm
clock. My state VR program purchased a James Remind-O clock.
This is a big, square clock with lots of levers. It looks quite
weird. It's designed for people who are deaf-blind so it's
tactile and has a vibrating bed shaker.

Last night was only my second time using this clock. I was upset
when I woke up late this morning and realized the alarm never
went off. It turns out that the time was over an hour behind.
Now why would my brand new clock not be able to keep proper time?

I was on the floor fiddling with the clock and checking the plugs
when my father let the puppy into my room. That's our "back-up"
alarm system. The puppy is six months old, 40 pounds and very
excited by every little thing. Oh, and in the morning, he's
usually wet. He loves to try to jump in the shower with my dad.
I gave up working on the clock after that wet and happy body hit
me full force.

I went to get JD up for school. As soon as he woke up, he had a
story to tell me. Apparently he got up in the middle of the
night to use the bathroom. We were having a bad storm and the
power was out. He had to use his flashlight to get to the
bathroom and do his business.

The power was out? Ohh..... That explains why the time on my
clock was wrong. I guess there's no need to worry after all.

Now here's another tech tale. We've been having trouble with the
television. The cable has been on the fritz. Sometimes it
works. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes we can get all the
channels. Sometimes we can't.

My dad called the cable company. They told him we needed a new
cable box. so he got one but it didn't solve the problem.

They sent a guy out to check our cable. It didn't take long to
find the source of the problem. You see, the cable comes into
the house on the side with the dog kennel. Remember that
mischievous puppy I mentioned a moment ago? Did I say he likes
to chew on things?

Yep, you got it. The puppy has been chewing on the cable
outside. We would have said he can't reach it. He proved us
wrong about that one. Apparently he props himself up on the
house and grabs the cable with those sharp teeth of his. Little

So my clock is fine and the cable is fixed. Hopeful bitter
apple spray and some closer supervision will keep puppy jaws
away from the cable in the future. It's so nice when tech
troubles are easily resolved.

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