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Monday, June 21, 2010

Tech Postponement

The training center for people who are blind just released a
report about my technology assessment. There is good and bad

The good news is that they have deemed me incompetent on the
computer and have agreed to train me. Well, that's good news but
a little embarrassing too. I know I'm a do-do brain when it
comes to the computer. But I don't want to read a report about
how stupid I am.

So they have recommended at least 100 hours of training on the
computer. They will teach me basic Jaws commands and navigation.
Then we will move on to the different programs such as Word,
Outlook and Internet Explorer. Finally, I will learn how to use
Open Book, which is the canner I already own.

It all sounds wonderful and I am thrilled! 100 hours? Wow.... I
will finally get the in depth training I need.

The bad news is that we won't be able to do it this summer. The
center decided against my staying there as a residential student
and jamming all the training into one week. They want me to
attend training over a long period of time, just a few hours a

This is going to make transportation a challenge. I live over an
hour away from the center. My local transportation service won't
take me there because it's in a different county. I'll have to
figure something out.

This also means postponing training until the Fall. I'm having
surgery on my elbow on Friday. I won't be able to read braille
until my arm is fully recovered. That could take up to two
months. So I have no choice except to wait.

I feel like I'm so close.... I can see the start line... I'm
almost there. I can just about touch it. And, yet, I never seem
to reach it. It just keeps getting further and further away.

I will be patient and hang in there. It's what I always do
Someday I will start this training. Someday I will conquer the
computer. Someday....

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