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Monday, December 6, 2010

Now I'm Confused

I feel like I'm being jerked in twenty different directions at
once. Every doctor I see has a different opinion about what is
going on. They tend to contradict each other and I don't know
what to believe.

It's nerves. It's bones. It's muscles. It's from the surgery.
It's neuropathy. Go to acupuncture. Don't go to acupuncture.
Go to massage therapy. No, don't go to massage therapy. Yes, go
to massage therapy. Take a muscle relaxer. No, don't take a
muscle relaxer. Yes, take a muscle relaxer. Take pain meds.
Don't take pain meds. Take pain meds. Don't take pain meds. On
and on it goes.

Today I saw a new doctor. This one specializes in pain
management. Now the theory is that this is related to nerves
AND muscles at the same time. The pain in my elbows and hands is
from neuropathy, a reaction to the surgery. The pain in my
shoulders and neck is from tensing the muscles as a reaction to
the neuropathy. Okay, whatever.

It's so confusing and now they are making all these changes.
Begin a new pain medicine. Increase a nerve medicine. Stop
taking another med. Add something for muscle pain. Try a new
pain relieving gel. We are starting with meds first. If that
doesn't work, we can move on to injections later. I really don't
know what to think about it all.

The funny part is that this doctor diagnosed my elbow problems as
"golfer's elbow." I had surgery for tennis elbow. Now I've got
golfer's elbow. I'm a deaf-blind girl from Ohio who can barely
walk. How am I getting all these sports injuries? Too much time
at the country club, I guess.

Now we are in day one of an expected three day snow storm.
We've gotten over six inches of snow already. My son has been
out sled riding for three hours. It looks like I will definitely
have a white birthday this year.

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  1. Angie--sad news to hear. We all miss you in Creative Writing class. I'm sure you are continuing to write outside of class. You are in the middle of a whirlwind and I hope one doctor will find out the truth and your pain will be gone. I love how you can make light of things even though they are so intense as in your comment about too much time at the country club! It is quite a trek getting to class in the snow. Happy early Birthday!!