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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Waste of Time

I had an appointment with the pain management doctor today. What
a total waste of time! I'm really feeling annoyed and
frustrated now.

I've been waiting for this appointment for a month because what
he prescribed last time didn't help. But I have to wait a month
anyway. "Give it more time." Time is not improving anything,.
It just makes me hurt longer.

We drove all the way out to Cleveland for this appointment. It
was over in ten minutes and then we drove all the way back to
Kent. I repeat: waste of time!

The doctor looked at my file and asked, "What did Dr. Evans

Nothing. I haven't seen him lately. He's making me wait three
months until our next appointment.

So the doctor asked, "How was the EMG?"

I told him I didn't have an EMG.

He says, "We talked about that last time."

Yes, we did. I'm the one who brought up the subject in the first
place. He was telling me how hard it is to know what to do
because there seem to be multiple nerves involved. I asked if an
EMG would help identify the trouble nerves.

He agreed it would but since it's such a painful test and
because I've had three done in the past, he said he didn't want
to make me go through it again.

He didn't order an EMG. He didn't schedule an EmG. So, no, I
didn't have an EMg done.

He complained that without an EMG, he doesn't know what nerves
are involved so he can't move on to more aggressive treatment.
He kept repeating himself as if I had some kind of cognitive
problem. I finally cut him off. I said, "I understand you want
an EMG. I will do the EMG. I get it, okay?"

Then he started telling me about the other doctors who should be
involved in this case -- the same doctors who passed me off to
him in the first place.

Dr. N sent me to Dr. B. Dr. B sent me to Dr. K. Dr. E sent me
to Dr. K. Dr. K wants me to see Dr. N, Dr. B, Dr. E and a new
one called Dr. L. Basically I think he wants me anywhere but in
his office. He did make a few changes in my medication and gave
me a new pain pill to try. But even he admits that medication
alone won't be enough to treat this.

I go back April 25th for the EMG and to see the new neurologist.
Yes, that's TWO MONTHS away. The doctor reminded me that the
recovery process moves slowly. Something moves slowly, all

Why am I complaining? I should be honored to be a patient at
the great and wonderful Cleveland Clinic. I think their logo
should be a snail.

All I have left to say today is: blah, blah blah.

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