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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Snake Wisdom

also from The Journey

by Kathryn Lasky

"I am a blind snake, but who says I cannot see as much as you?"
And then she swung her head sharply toward the female Masked Owl,
who seemed startled, and it did appear indeed as if Mrs.
Plithiver was looking directly at her with her two small eye
dents. "Who says I cannot see? To see with eyes is so ordinary.
I see with my whole body--my skin, my bones, the coiling of my
spine. And between the slow beats of my very slow heart, I sense
the world here and beyond. I know the Yonder. Oh, yes. I have
known it even before I ever flew in it. But before that day did
I say it did not exits? What a fool you would have called me,
milady, had I said your sky does not exist because I cannot see
it nor can I fly. And what a fool you are to believe that
Hoole-mere does not exist."... Sky does not exist merely in the
wings of birds, an impulse in their feathers and blood and bone.
Sky becomes the Yonder for all creatures if, indeed, they free
their hearts and their brains to feel, to know in the deepest
ways. And when the Yonder calls, it speaks to all of us, be it
sky, be it Hoolemere, be it heaven or glaumora... There are
some who need to lose their eyes to discover their sight."

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