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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Excellent Sugar-Free Candy

This is just something I'd like to share. People who are
deaf-blind often do not know about new products. We can't see TV
commercials. We can't hear radio advertisements. We can't
read ads in newspapers and magazines. I only know about new
products if someone thinks to tell me. That doesn't happen too

Recently, I was having some trouble with my mouth. My doctor
suggested I try sucking on sugarless candy. It's supposed to
promote saliva. We got some from the grocery store. It's not
as bad as I expected, but it's not the best, either.

Last week we were at WAlMart and found some Crystal Light
sugar-free candy. The flavors are based on their drinks.
There's lemonade, pink lemonade, strawberry, orange, cherry,
blue raspberry and probably a few other flavors that I can't
remember right now.

Keep in mind that I LOVE candy. I'm worse than my 10 -year-old
son when it comes to eating candy. I don't want to get fat or
anything, but I do like my candy.

I tried this Crystal Light candy and discovered that it is so
good! I never would have guessed that this stuff is sugar-free.
It doesn't taste weird. I'll eat this candy just because it
tastes so good.

So if anyone is in need of sugarless candy, be on the lookout for
Crystal Light.

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