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Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Heart is Whole Again

My heart has been restored. In other words, JD is home after
visiting his father for a month. When he's gone that long, I
feel like a piece of my heart is missing. Now he's home and all
is right again.

It's interesting about visitation. We talk about "my time" and
"Greg's time." It's my time when JD is with me. It's Greg's
time when JD is with his dad. Every year while we work on the
visitation schedule, we have to figure out my time and Greg's
time. Sometimes we have disagreements and fight over it. I
try to compromise whenever possible.

When I think about it more, I realize this theory isn't correct.
When JD is with me, it's not really my time. It's his time.
It's the time he runs around with friends, skate boards at the
school, goes swimming at the neighbor's house, plays soccer and
basketball, enjoys Cub Scouts and particularly loves camp.
That's what normal life is supposed to be like for a kid. Sure,
he watches TV and plays video and computer games. But we keep a
good balance here between active life and "square screen" time.

So JD is home, but he's not exactly with me. Right now he's
outside planning with a friend. in a few hours, he's going to a
Cleveland Indians game with the son of our good family friends.
He's 24 and doesn't have any younger brothers to do this kind of
stuff with. So he's "adopted" JD. I think it's wonderful, and
I know that both of them will enjoy spending the evening together
at a baseball game.

Then tomorrow, JD leaves for Cub Scout camp. He's going to LOVE
it. He'll be home on Wednesday.

So JD is home, and it feels so good to have him back... for a day
anyway. It's his life and when he's home, it's his time.
That's the way it' should be.

He may not be with me tonight or for the next couple days, but my
heart will still be thrilled to know that he's happy and having
so much fun. Oh, my heart is whole again.

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