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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Earring Organizer

For some weird reason, I recently decided to start wearing
earrings again. Maybe it's a symbol of my new-rebirth. I've
only worn earrings sporadically as an adult, and only on special

I soon realized there would be a problem. My mother and I went
though all my earrings. We got rid of the junk and put the nice
stuff back in my little "Kaboodles" earring box. She described
each earring set. I tried to remember everything, but within a
few days, I was all mixed up about the colors of the stones and
designs. It's sort of hard trying to do organization by memory

Also, the box had small and shallow sections. When I'd open it
or feel around to find the earrings I wanted, sometimes other
earrings would fall out of the box. That's probably how I
lost the three heart shaped earrings that are driving me so
crazy. I had to come up with a better system.

My mother and I went to the mall last week. We looked at all the
department stores and accessory shops and even the cheap kiosk
that sells earrings. They had lots of boxes and trees, but
nothing that would fit my needs. It's not enough to just put
two earrings together in one place. I have to be able to
identify colors, too.

Someone suggested trying out fishing tackle boxes at WalMart.
So, that's what we did. I didn't even realize they were showing
me fishing boxes. They felt so perfect for storing jewelry, I
thought they must be jewelry organizers.

I looked at all these different tackle boxes. They come in so
many shapes and sizes. They are perfect for sighted and blind
people to organize all sorts of things.

What I liked is that the boxes some with plastic square "walls"
you place in however you want. You can make tiny, small, medium
and even long slots. It's all up to you. You are in control
of how the box is set up.

I used mostly small sections, with one tiny slot for storing
extra earring backs. I also have two medium sections for a
couple of bracelets.

The sections are deep. I don't have to worry about earrings
popping out when I open the box. I got a large box so there is
plenty of room to add more earrings. Each of the slots are deep
enough for two sets of earrings. If I have two of the same
color, I will double up.

Now, how to identify the colors? I got creative and decided to
use my clothing marking system. This involves plastic colored
shapes. Each shape represents a different color. Black is a
square. White is a circle. Blue is a star.... etc. My system
has 16 different shapes.

For clothing identification, there is a safety pin that fits
through a hole in each shape. You pin the marker to your
clothes. Take it off in the morning when you get dressed.
Put it back on at night so you'll be able to determine the color
next time.

What I did for my earring box was to take the pins off and just
use the plastic tags. Hot glue would work best, but I had to
settle for tape. It doesn't look as good, but it still works.

So, my first pair of earrings were white. I taped a white circle
to the bottom of the first section. If I ever forget the
color, all I have to do is feel that shape to remember that
they are white. That could means pearl, diamonds or white beads.
AS long as I know they are white, I'll be able to figure out the

I made slots for blue, and green. One pair of dangley earrings
was a blue-green colored stone. So I taped down both blue and
green in the same section. Another pair was a pinkish purple
stone. I taped down the markers for both pink and purple.

Some earrings didn't quite match my clothing system. I can
always work around little issues like that. I designated the
tan shape to represent gold. The shape for cream will stand
for silver.

I've got my box all set up and organized. I can find exactly
what I want with very little fuss. I don't need to ask for help
now. You know what all that means? I really need to go
shopping again to buy some more earrings.

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