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Friday, August 5, 2011

I've Got the Greatest Son Ever

I have the best son in the world!

JD just got back from Cub Scout camp. Since he's now in Webelos
II, he got to go to the big Boy Scout camp. They stayed for
four day and three nights. That's the longest he's ever gone

Well, he loved it, of course. His favorite part was fishing.
This was the first time he ever caught a fish. He got four
bluegills and a bass. He caught the most fish for that camp
session. He was the only one to catch a bass, which was the
biggest fish caught. He is so proud and can't wait to go fishing

JD is a serious scout. He's already very decorated with badges,
pins and patches. He's determined that he will earn the Arrow of
Light, which is the top award a Cub Scout can receive.

At camp, JD earned three more badges. He got his Craftman,
Sportsman and Aquanaut requirements completed. He almost finish
Readyman, which is like first aid.

Now lets talk about me. With my three disabilities, I am an
accident waiting to happen. I get "boo-boos" all the time. I
might bump my head, skin my knees, bruise my arms or scrape my
legs. It's not a big deal, and I don't like people to fuss over
little things. It's just the way of life when you are
deaf-blind and physically impaired.

My feet are a hazard for accidents, because I have no feeling
there. It's funny about nerve damaged body parts. They don't
hurt when you do bad things. But when the pain comes later, oh,
it hurts!

I was asking for trouble by walking around in my bedroom in bare
feet. Usually if I'm walking without my braces on, I wear a pair
of swim shoes. Slipper don't work for me. They have the
annoying problem of stretching and falling off. My swim shoes
have an elastic tie, so I can always make sure they are secure.

I was just walking around in my room, doing a little organization
stuff. I didn't think to put on the swim shoes. Stupid little

It was several hours later when I began to feel the pain in my
big toe. I thought maybe I had torn or split the nail. I tried
to ignore it. The nerve damage in my feet wouldn't let me.
These feet do not like being abused. They don't take it well.
My ankle kept rolling to get me off the toe. By mid-afternoon, I
could barely walk.

Finally, I took off my shoe, the brace and my knee sock. I
felt something around the nail but couldn't tell what was wrong.
I called my mother to examine it. She said it looked like I had
a splinter under my toe nail. She had my father come up with
tweezers to pull out the splinter. That really hurt. My toe
was bleeding, but my parents said that was good so it would get
out any infection.

Now back to my wonderful son. He was beside me the whole time.
He let me know what my parents were doing at my feet and kept
telling me that it would be okay in a few minutes.

I had to sit on the couch for a little while to lt the bleeding
stop. JD suggested it would be better if I kept the foot

He checked out my toe every few minutes to see how it was doing.
When he thought it was dry, he got a paper towel to make sure.
Then he brought me my sock, shoe and brace, so I wouldn't have to
hobble back over to where I had left them. In addition, when he
realized I was getting up without tying the shoe, he stopped me
immediately. He said, "I don't want you to accidently trip over
your shoe lace."

What a sweet kid. He's learning so much in Cub Scouts. I could
easily see that he had worked on first aid training. I'm sure
it will be no time at all before he gets that Readyman badge.

No mater what else happens, I know I've got the greatest son

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