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Monday, August 22, 2011

Stress in a Bottle

Bath and Body Works sells this special product that is supposed
to help relieve stress. I bought it in both body wash and
lotion. It's made from some weird plant but smell quite nice.

This stuff is supposed to reduce stress? You must be kidding!
At least for me, it's like buying stress in a bottle. I
imagine my stress level was increased ten times when I started
using the soap and lotion.

Now, why could that be? Perhaps it had something to do with
the nasty, itchy hives that broke out all over my body. Yeah,
that's it.

It appears that I am allergic to the plant with the weird name
that I can never remember. Awww... shucks!

My mother just got herself a present. I hope she has better luck
with it. I'm doing well with the Lavender-Vanilla that is
supposed to help you sleep. I still smell good, but with this
one, I don't look like a monstrous freak.

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