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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

asl coffee chat

Yesterday was also fun because I got to attend an "ASL Coffee
Chat" at Paneras restaurant. This social was arranged by my
friend Farah and some other people. This was the first
gathering, and they plan to do it every other week. For a first
time, it sure was a success. About 15 people came to eat, chat
and practice ASL.

Farah was in ASL iii, iv and V with me. I hadn't seen her since
I stopped going to class last Fall. It was great to be with
Farah again. We were talking and laughing even before we arrived
at Paneras.

The reunion continued. I got to see Farah's mother-in-law
again, and a bunch of my former classmates. Most of them will be
graduating this Spring. I can't believe how well they are
signing now. Soon they will be out there in the big, bad world
looking for real jobs. .

Kaleigh and I started out together in the same ASL I class. We
joked about how "green" we were back then - and so very nervous
when the teacher came in and started signing. I enjoyed that

Did I mention that all this "talking" was in ASL? We turned our
voices off. I did some much needed practice at this gathering.

There were also some other deaf people there and an ASL teacher
from Akron. A brave girl currently enrolled in ASL I came, too.
We all tried to slow down and use just fingerspelling with her.
I don't think she understood much. She left looking overwhelmed.
I do hope she returns next time.

We were all shocked when the manager said the restaurant was
closing. Still, we had to say our long good-byes. Until next

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