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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Human Shopping Cart

Today I put my child through that horrible misery that is called
clothes shopping. Believe me, Joseph was not a happy boy. I
think he'd rather be thrown naked into a snake pit than go
shopping for clothes. Since he's in such dire need for clothes
that actually fit, we had to do a lot of shopping.
JD is a good kid. He complained, but he cooperated. When it
was done, we had four pairs of pants, some pajamas, two jackets
and six shirts. I was sitting in my wheelchair when my mother
asked, "Ready?"
I said yes because I thought she meant "ready to go." The next
thing I knew, she was piling clothes up on my lap. The tower of
clothes went so high, only my eyes peaked out. One hanger kept
poking me in the face, as it tried to work it's way into my
I so do not like being a human shopping cart. Why does everyone
do that to people in wheelchairs? Hey! I'm a person, not a
donkey or a camel.
When we got to the shoe department, a kind sales clerk brought
us a cart. Thank you so very much. With three able-bodied
people, I think we could have managed a wheelchair and cart from
the start. Regardless, I was happy to be relieved of my burden.
Before leaving, I wanted to look at earrings. My mother went to
the real jewelry but couldn't get an service. Joe was bored. I
told him I'd give him a dollar for every pair of earrings he
found that I bought. He liked that idea and found some cool
earrings. He earned himself $4.
Now we are home, and Joseph is whining about needing a reward
for being such a good shopper. I think he's a little old for
that, but I agreed. We'll be having fried chicken for dinner.

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