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Friday, October 21, 2011

what's not happening

So much for a busy week. Suddenly, my adventures have come to
a screeching halt. The list of what I'm NOT able to do is

A big part of it has to do with my mom being sick. When she is
sick, things seem to get a little crazy around here. My dad,
Joseph and I all have to be at different places at the same time.
It's just not possible, so I sacrifice my plans.

On Wednesday, I couldn't go to the CAID/ASL club meeting at Kent
State. I tried to find another ride but came up empty. I
canceled my interpreters and stayed home.

On Thursday, I couldn't go to the CSD Dingo. This one saddened
me because I love playing Dingo and want to be able to attend
every month. Due to holidays, the next game night won't be
until January.

Tomorrow night, I can't go to a Hattie Larlham Halloween party.
I couldn't find a ride and SSP. Shoot! I really would enjoy
that event.

On Monday, I won't be going to Hattie Larlham for my usual
volunteer work. My SSP had to cancel. It's okay. I understand.

That's what's not happening in my life. I'll be back in action
on Tuesday. I'll be one of four students doing a poetry reading
at Kent State. Yikes!

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