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Sunday, December 18, 2011

the christmas battle

Christmas time... It's the most beautiful time of the year. And
the trickiest. Parents are doing everything possible to make
their kids' dreams come true. Their toughest job is to keep it
a secret until December 25th. On the opposite side, sneaky and
snooping kids try everything they can to find out what they are
getting... Now!

Joseph has been difficult this holiday season. All he wants is a
TV for his bedroom or permission to play World of Warcraft at
home. Since he knows he won't get either, he refuses to offer
other ideas. Where does that leave me? I'm in a hot spot, and
that's probably what Joseph wants. Parent 0, Kid 5

But I am a smart and cunning parent. I came up with the PERFECT
Christmas gift that I know Joseph will LOVE. Parent 10, Kid 0

I made Joseph clean out the dining room to make space for it. I
assured him it's a big gift. He complained the whole time.
"It's probably something stupid. I know I'll hate it." Parent
25, Kid 0

Joseph will be with his father for Christmas this year. Our
celebration will be on December 30th, when he comes home. I
can't wait to see his excitement when he runs in and finds a
brand new desk top computer just for him. Oh, yeah... he's going
to be thrilled. This is the best gift I've ever come up with.
Parent 30, Kid 0

He can't even snoop because we don't have it yet. There's no
risk. He won't find out until he walks through the door and sees
it with his own eyes on the 30th. Parent 50, Kid 0

It all fell apart in a twinkle... It was a random series of
events... a total fluke.

Joseph was coming in through the basement after his Tuesday night
basketball game. The phone was ring. It was his dad. He took
the call on the basement phone.

That phone is right next to the printer. I asked my father to
print some paper about dental insurance that my ex-husband had
sent me. He did that -- and also printed the original message in
which Greg and I talked about the computer I was buying for

As Joseph hung up the phone, he saw his name on the paper on top
of the printer. He began to read.... the rest is history.

Joseph came upstairs and ran to me. He was vibrating with
excitement -- absolutely bouncing off the walls. He tried not
to mention what he discovered. That lasted about two seconds.
"You are getting me a computer!!," he yelled while doing a funny

Okay, there was a big surprise, but it was mine instead of his.
I did get to witness his happiness, just two weeks too early.
Parent 0, Kid 1000

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