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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

tell me a funny

My ASL friends are freaking out during finals week. My friends
with kids are going crazy try to get ready for Christmas.
Others are just feeling the lonely holiday blues.

Someone on Facebook said, "Tell me a funny." So here it is, my
best and most embarrassing holiday funny.

It was 11 years ago in early December. I was married and
living in Maryland. At this point, I was hard-of-hearing with
tunnel vision. I could still see pretty well with my central

I was also in the early stages of my pregnancy. I did not have
trouble with morning sickness, but I sure did have cravings.

On this day, my husband was out of the house doing something with
his family. It was not even 10:00 am yet, but I was hungry and
my pregnant body wanted mashed potatoes. This suited me fine
because I love mashed potatoes. Even thought I used flakes, I
could make the most delicious potatoes. I added extra milk and
butter to make them creamy. Then I'd stir in two pieces of
American cheese an top with a big spoonful of sour cream.

However, on this day, something wasn't right. I noticed an odd
smell while I was cooking but couldn't figure out where it was
coming from. I finally sat down to eat. I took a bite... It was
horrible! In great denial, I took a few more bites. The
potatoes were absolutely disgusting. I finally threw the food

I could not understand what went wrong. I check the sour
cream, tasted the cheese and smelled the flakes. Everything
seemed fine. I was in total bewilderment.

Later I was writing an email to a friend about our holiday
plans. The answer suddenly hit me. I ran to the fridge and took
out the milk. Oh, no. Checking the label this time, I
discovered the carton was actually the egg nog my husband likes
to drink. Ewww.....

So, come, visit me for the holidays. I'll make you some very
nifty mashed potatoes.

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