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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Frost Wolf

Character Sketch

Title: Frost Wolf (Wolves of the Beyond book 4)
Author: Kathryn Lasky


You are a malcadh, born with a splayed paw - a deformity that is
not permitted in the clans. On your first day of life, you were
removed from your mother's breast and left at a tummfraw to die.
But against all odds, you didn't die. You were rescued by a great
grizzly bear who was morning the loss of her cub. She became your
second Milk Giver. You called her Thunderheart, because of the
loud beat of her enormous heart. She named you Faolan, which
meant gift from the river.

Oh, Faolan, how I wish you could have lived with Thunderheart
forever. When she was lost to you, you found your way back to the
MacDuncan clan to take your position as a lowly gnaw wolf. This
never did suit you. It was clear you had a more important destiny
ahead. At last, you earn a place as a Wolf at the Watch of the
Ring of Sacred Volcanoes.

In your new position of honor, you have been sent on a mission to
investigate the disappearance of the wolves at the Blood Watch,
who guard the borders of the Beyond to keep away brutal
Outclanners. What you find is most disturbing. This is a time of
famine, as blizzards blanket the Beyond with snow during the
summer months. The Blood Watch has been nearly deserted. Nearby,
circles of wolves dance until they collapse, all the while
singing for Skaarsgard to bring them death and guide their souls
up the star ladder to eternal life in the Cave of Souls.

As you helplessly watch, an outclanner appears and begins to feed
on the fallen wolves. You are disgusted beyond belief. This is
not the way of wolves. This is not natural. Yet, the frighting
spread of these Skaarsgard dancers threatens to wipe out the
population of wolves in the Beyond.

It is up to you, Faolan,, Watch Wolf at the Ring of Sacred
Volcanoes. You must find the so-called prophet and put an end to
this nonsense, before it's too late. Your failure would mean the
extinction of wolves in the beyond.


You, too, were born a malcadh and endured years of torment as a
gnaw wolf. Now you are on the Watch at the Ring of Sacred
Volcano. Faolan is your best friend in all of the beyond. You are
his partner and must stop these Skaarsgard dancers before all is

Edmea, you have accepted life with only one eye and found peach
on the Watch. But there is something more. You must now learn to
see with you inner eye, to perceive what others miss with their
two functioning eyes.

What you see makes no sense. You swear that Faolan appeared
before you as an ancient wolf covered in frost. During a fight,
you have no doubts that his body changed into that of a great
grizzly bear. You are the only one who saw this, Edmea. You
wonder, What are you, Faolan? Only time will tell.

Mhairi and Dearlea

You are the sisters who befriended Faolan long before he became a
Wolf at the Watch. You stuck up for him and helped when he needed
it most. It was through you, dear sisters, that Faolan learned
the meaning of friend.

Now you are the ones who are hurting. In the midst of her famine
mind sickness, your mother has denounced you. She claims she
never was your mother. She became your second Milk Giver after
your first gave birth to a malcadh and was driven out of the

Faolan knows that only one malcadh was born to the MacDuncan clan
two years ago. You were friend. Now you have the chance to teach
Faolan about family.

The Sark of the Slough

You are a mystery and a misfit. No wolf knows your story. Where
did you come from? Why do you choose to live as a lone wolf?

But they come to you when in need. You may refuse the ways and
laws of the wolves, but when hit with sickness or trouble, they
always seek you out.

You are a mystery, indeed. But you also love a mystery. Deduction
and reason are the principles you live by. With your keen sense
of smell, you are well suited for the task. There is a mystery
now, Sark of the Slough. Will you help?


You are a masked barn owl, a rogue smith. You live in the Beyond,
far away from the Great Ga'Hoole tree. Like your father, you are
well learned in the ways of the wolves.

Gwynneth, how often you think of your father. You were just a
hatchling when he died in battle somewhere in the Beyond. He was
the only owl ever to have a wolf hero mark placed upon his
grave. Now you sense disturbance. Someone has tampered with his
resting place and stolen his helmet and visor. You must find and
return them to his grave, so he can rest in peace once more.

Now you turn to your friend, The Sark of the Slough. You are
likely her only friend, Gwynneth. With her sense of smell and
your superior hearing and vision, you make an excellent team.
Together you will find your father's helmet. You must. However,
the truth of what is happening will sicken you. Are you ready,

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