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Sunday, May 13, 2012

mother's day at the movies

When you are a parent, it's such a normal thing to do... taking
the kids to the movies. You just need to find the time and some
extra money. But you do it to make your children happy and
because you enjoy spending time with them.

How can a parent like me do anything normal? I'm totally deaf and
blind. Television and movies are no longer part of my life. I
certainly can't drive. So there's yet another thing I can't share
with my son. Just add it to the hundred others.

Now wait a second... That's not how I think. It's probably what
many people believe of me. I don't care about that either. My
theory is, "If there is a will, there is a way."

My son is almost 11-years-old, and we have never gone to a movie
together. I find that quite sad. Today, I decided it was time for
us to go out and do it.
Joseph was dying to see Avengers in 3D. We checked the times of
the movie and asked my father if he could drop us of. That worked
for him. The plan was set, and we were eager to get going.

Joseph guided me to the concession stand, where they sold tickets
and snacks. I ordered what we wanted. Joseph told me the price
and I paid. I asked for an employee to bring out our snacks,
because Joseph would need to guide me to my seat. That was no

We had a big bucket of awesome popcorn. Joe had a blue Icee, and
I had a Dr. Pepper and Sour Patch Kids. Of course, we sat there
eating tons of popcorn while waiting for the movie to start. The
bucket was half-full when I couldn't eat another bite. Joe took
care of the rest for me.

I was probably the only adult who didn't feel nauseous from Super
heroes in 3D. I did not idly sit there doing nothing. I had my
Braille Note with me and read "Frost Wolf." It's a nice peaceful
book that didn't match the BOOMs I heard and vibrations I felt.

Throughout the movie, I would feel Joseph reach out to steal my
Sour Patch Kid's. He even ended up with my Dr. Pepper. I just
smiled because he's my son and I love him so much.

When the movie was over, Joseph threw away the trash and took the
tray back to the concession stand. I sent a text message to my
father letting him know we were ready to leave. Joseph came back
and guided me out. It was so simple and so very normal.

You probably do it once a month with no thought of a different
way of life. That's okay. It's a natural reaction. For me, this
was something new and special. All I needed was a ride and the
help of my loving son. There is nothing I would rather do more
than spending Mother's Day at the movies.

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