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Thursday, May 10, 2012

poster child

Poster Child

They point at me and say their lines
You are inspiring
You can do anything
You are a role model to everyone
We are so proud of you

I die a little because I know the truth
I'm a fake
I do nothing to deserve such praise
There's no reason to admire me
My life is just a waste

I begin to believe the propaganda
I can be more than this
I'll move on and never stop
I'll make my dreams come true
I'll show them what I can do

They tell me what they really think
It's a bad idea
You will fail
No, you can't do it
You are making trouble for all of us

I'm just a poster child
You look so good on film
Your story is amazing
Keep up the good work

Just a poster child... And those who matter don't believe in me

Angela C. Orlando
May 2012

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