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Friday, June 22, 2012

camp diary day 6

Camp Diary 2012

Friday June 15th

I woke up extra early to finish packing. I felt more like a
zombie than a happy camper. Thank goodness my SSP was there to
help. How can they be so cheery in the morning?

I packed my still wet water shoes, sheets and snuggie in my
backpack. It took enough weight out of my suitcase, but then I
couldn't carry the backpack.

We had to leave before breakfast. The camp had donuts and milk
available. I got to say good-bye to a couple people, and then we
set off for the airport.

I slept most of the way. I was tired and grouchy and annoyed at
my ex. We planned to meet at the South West check-in area. Turns
out, they have check points on different floors. We were both
waiting in the right place, but not at the same place.

They found us. When Joseph took my hand to say hello, my whole
world lit up again. He has that affect on me. I had another
one-way conversation with my ex. I don't care what his problem
is, I still believe in being polite in front of our son.

Now Joseph was like a pro at flying. He was cool and calm. He
knew exactly what to do and expect. He noticed the food stands
this time, so we got some very greasy and expensive McDonalds for

While we were waiting at the gate, a boy and his mother were
imitating and talking about us. They thought it was so cool how
we communicate. They didn't seem to realize that Joseph could see
and hear them. The incident bothered him.

We were given our peanuts when we boarded the plane. Someone on
the flight was allegoric to nuts, so we weren't allowed to eat
them. Joseph was going crazy for peanuts. What is it about people
and airplane snacks?

When we arrived in Cleveland, an employee pushed me and another
woman in a wheelchair at the same time. Joseph was impressed. My
dad was waiting at baggage claim. Soon we were headed for home. I
slept most of the way.

Upon arriving home, I talked to my mother, checked email and then
went upstairs to take a long, long nap. It felt so good to be in
my own bed again.

So, you've read this diary and wonder if I will go again next
year. You can bet your last banana on that one.

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