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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

deaf-blind think tank

From Randy Pope:

Feeling frustrated about being DeafBlind? No one understands
your needs?
Need support or solutions? Hate being given unwanted advice what
is best
for you? Want to make a difference in the DeafBlind community?
Now you
have many opportunities to let the world know by getting involved
DeafBlind Think Tank (DBTT)!

In the spirit of its name, DBTT is a place where DeafBlind people
express their opinions and concerns about issues that matter to
them. DBTT
does not limit this opportunity to only DeafBlind individuals but
it is open
to everyone who is affected in some ways. This includes family,
advocates, interpreters, SSPs, professionals, and others who are
in contact
with DeafBlind people.

Getting excited to talk to the world about the DeafBlind
community? All you
need to do is jump in and participate in DBTT's open discussions
by visiting
any of these places:
. DBTT website at
. Facebook at
. Twitter at!/DBThinkTank
. DBTT group discussion at
Or send an email to
(Unfortunately Google has disabled subscribe by email feature. If
you need
assistance, please send an email to

No membership or subscription is required to participate in the
If you wish to stay on top of the issues being posted, you can
sign up for
email notifications.

Want to do more than just posting comments? You can become a
contributor by opening an account. DBTT is always seeking new
articles on
any issues affecting the DB community. For more information
contact DBTT
directly through the Contact Us page at or by
email at

For more information, feel free to check out the Frequently Asked
(FAQ) at or contact DBTT directly at

Be a part of a growing group who want to improve the lives of DB
You may forward this announcement to anyone who may be
interested. Thank you
for your support. DBTT support you, too.

The DeafBlind Think Tank Team

About DBTT
The DeafBlind Think Tank (DBTT) connects as a coalition of
individuals who want to share their concerns, feelings, and
thoughts. DBTT
believe these interactions encourage (or promote) in building an
relationship between the public and the DB community, which
everyone greatly. The website, social media page, and email group
list are
maintained by DB volunteers whose hearts are to bring attention
to unmet
needs in the DB community everywhere.

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