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Monday, July 9, 2012

adventures in computer training #2

Watch out world! It finally happened. My computer training has

It took three years to get to this point. I sat down in front of
my new computer at the Cleveland Sight Center, ready and eager to
begin. I touched my Focus 40 Blue braille display, as gently as a
mother caresses her newborn baby's face.

Oh... I love this braille display. Keep in mind that I'm used to
a 32 cell display on my Braillenote. The Focus 80 was a monster.
That thing was LONG. I knew right away that it wouldn't work for
me, but my original and incompetent trainer made me keep it. The
Focus 40 is sized just right.

We are starting slow, the way it should be. I learned a few
navigation buttons on the braille display. Then we turned to the
keyboard number pad. When turned on, it works like a calculator.
When off, the numbers become Jaws navigation keys. Pressing those
numbers with control gives you even more options for moving
around a document.

I'm used to a telephone keypad. I'm having a hard time remember
the number locations. It's been a long time since I used a
calculator. But I did it. I moved around a sample Word document
better than I ever did on my first computer.

I return tomorrow for my next session. I better do my homework
now. I'm supposed to review the locations and commands for each
number key.

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