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Sunday, October 14, 2012


I was born with hearing and sight.
I am no longer hearing, for the world has gone silent.
I am no longer sighted, for the world has become dark.

I am not deaf, for I am also blind.
I see not, the dancing language of the hands.

I am not blind, for I am also deaf.
I hear not, the melody of the wind.

I am not able-bodied, for I cannot walk free.
I am trapped beneath the bonds of straps and braces.

What of my own kind?
Within the ranks of the deaf-blind, I am somehow different.
I am alone, a stranger in my own land.
I am just one, drowning among the many and the few.

I am battered but never broken.
I am slow but seldom lost.
I will with-stand the forces against me.
I will believe and always battle on.

You say I'm a nobody among the many and the few.
Who am I to be somebody?
Why dare I, to utter a challenge?

The answer lingers within us all.
I do it not because I am disabled.
I do it for I am human.

Angela C. Orlando
October, 2012

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  1. Angela, this is really good! May I share it on my blog?