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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

poppy paper

Poppy Paper

The proper name is bubble wrap, used to protect items during
I call it poppy paper
What does it do when you poke it?
Pop Pop Pop

Do you like to twist it?
Hear the explosion, like a series of tiny gunshots
pop pop pop pop pop pop pop

Popping is excellent for stress relief
This one's for the boss who's giving you so much grief at work
This one's for the mailman who messed up delivering an
important package
And this one's for the jerk who stole your parking spot at the

I like the big ones that take so much work
Here's to the gene that's made my life a disaster
Here's to the car that sent my mother to trauma ICU
And here's to the world that couldn't save my brother

Maybe you pop for the sheer joy of it and giggle with each pop

Maybe you are a compulsive popper
It is there, so you must pop

Maybe you work in the shipping department at Amazon and fear your
head will blow up if you here one more POP

I'm so sorry, sir
I'm popping and I just can't stop!

Angela C. Orlando
January 2013

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