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Saturday, February 9, 2013

beefin' it up at beef o'brady's

Blurb: Join the Orlando family for a delectable dinner at Beef
O'Brady's. Don't forget your appetite!

My rumbling belly indicated it was time for a family dinner Since
I was missing my mom and dad, I decided to invite them along.
Never mind that they pay and provide transportation. I wanted a
special dinner out with Joseph and my parents.

A coupon decided the location -- Beef O'Brady's in Stow, Ohio.
Too bad I couldn't read the coupon. It was for a free kid's meal.
My boy eats like an adult. Oh, well...

We had a nice comfortable seat in a booth. There was plenty of
room, and the table was clean. But we were too close to the door.
I got blasted with cold every time the door opened.

The waitress came to our table while I was joking around with
Joseph. Did I really mean it when I said "no pop?" Of course not.
We both got Coke. They turned out to be big ones, too. The
waitress, who was really nice, thought it was cool how Joseph
signed to me.

What to eat? It usually takes some planning when a deaf-blind
person goes out to eat. How will they read the menu? Some
restaurants provide braille menus. I don't like that option. My
braille reading skills are so slow. I'd still be reading the menu
while everyone else was finished with dinner.

Another idea is to look up the menu online before going out to
eat. I do have some menus that a friend sent to me. I keep
forgetting I have better internet access now that I'm learning to
use an actual computer. I never thought to look up Beef

When I'm out with my family, it doesn't matter. I say, "no beef
or fish." Mom gives me some suggestions about what she knows I
like. This time she only had to mention one item, and I knew what
I wanted. She's pretty good, huh?

I find it ironic that we went to Beef O'Brady's and no one had
beef. Both my parents got fish, Joseph ordered chicken and I
had.... everything. Or at least that's how it seemed. I got a
combo appetizer with onion rings, mozzarella cheese sticks,
chicken tenders and cheese quesedilla. Mmmmmm.....

This turned out to be tricky. Each item came with a different
type of sauce. I couldn't keep track of the cups and kept dippin'
in the wrong place.

The solution is to simplify. I don't like salsa, so I got rid of
that. The dip for the onion rings was spicy and weird, so I
dumped that one too. Joe poured me some ketchup exactly where I
wanted it.

The food was amazing, scrumptious, delicious and totally
toothsome. (I don't know what "toothsome means, but it was on the
synonym list, and I just had to use it.) Let's put it this way --
The food was VERY good.

It was also big. I had Joseph, the eating machine, on my side of
the table. We still had plenty left over. I know what's for lunch

During the meal we talked about life: the good, the bad and the
ugly. Which am I? I forced Joseph to stop playing on his IPhone
and talk to the family. My parent discussed training their dogs.
I told them about being train by my cat. No, Dad, you can't put
Bast in the freezer. My mother informed me about the shooting
threat at Davey Elementary School. Ooops... I'm a loyal Patch
blogger but not always a loyal reader.

My dad paid, gathered up our goodie bags and guided me out to the
car. Back at home, I plopped my heavy tummy into my recliner and
snuggled under a blanket to get warm. Bast joined me and I gave
her a good rub down. Now I'm working hard on digesting all that

Thank you for joining us at Beef O'Brady's. Come again soon.

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