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Monday, June 17, 2013

camp adventure day 2

Day 2: The Journey

Saturday June 8th, 2013

Amy picked us up at 10:00 AM. After loading the car, we set off
for... Target. When you take a road trip with Amy, you always
travel in style. We needed to get drinks and junk food.

I picked Dr. Pepper, honey roasted peanuts, spearmint Ice
Breakers and sour berry Ice Breakers. Joseph got a Kick Start
Mountain Dew, regular Mountain Dew, Doritos and sour apple and
watermelon Ice Breakers.

Along with her snacks, Amy bought socks. I asked, "Are you going
to eat socks?"

No, it turns out she forgot to pack socks.

We were checking out, with $20 worth of crappy food, when the
most amazing thing happened. We ran into my mother. I was so
surprised that I didn't understand what Joseph was signing. But
there she was, and I sure was happy to see her. We chatted for a
few minutes, hugged and said good bye.

Once on the road, we did what travelers do. Joseph watched
movies. I could smell ever time he ate his candy and Doritos. Amy
drove, of course. We talked a lot. Sometimes I read my latest
vampire book. I was near the end and couldn't seem to put it

There was no trouble on the way to Maryland. We reached
Germantown right on schedule. That's where Joe's dad lives.
Joseph was excited to tell me about his other home.

As a good bye treat, I let Joseph pick where we would eat dinner.
Uh-oh.... He chose Sakura, a Japanese restaurant. I never had
Japanese food before and was feeling quite nervous. Joe was
thrilled and didn't stop chatting for a minute. He even talked to

Sakura is like a square bar with people sitting on the outside.
They cook on the inside and put on a show while they do it. We
got pop to drink and placed out order. The food started
coming.... Joseph warned me about the salad. He was right. I
didn't like the dressing, either. The soup was really good. We
both liked it. I found that odd because neither one of us likes
onions, but that soup was great.

Our cook arrived and began the performance. I couldn't see, but
Joseph and Amy let me know what was happening. I could feel the
heat from the grill, which was only two feet away. I always
jumped when the chef used sake to create high flames.

He made eggs to use in the rice. At one point, he spun a raw egg
on a spatula, threw it up into the air and caught it with his
hat. Kids got to eat the leftover eggs. Joe gave me a bit of egg
with Yum-Yum sauce. I couldn't believe how good it was.

The fried rice was amazing. I've never had rice so delicious
before. The veggies were great, too. I filled up on those sides
before my meat was ready.

I got rib-eyed steak. Joseph had a different type of steak and
shrimp. Amy ate yucky fish and chicken livers.

I tasted Joe's food, and he tasted mine. Everything was
wonderful, especially when we added Yum-Yum sauce. I even ate one
shrimp because Joe wanted me to. It tasted okay, but I didn't
like the texture.

When we left Sakura, I was so full I could barely walk. Oh,
wow.... that place was awesome. Of course, I didn't go anywhere
near the sushi bar.

Next was the worst part. Joseph's dad was waiting outside. It was
so hard saying good bye, knowing I wouldn't see my baby again for
one month. That's a long time to be away from your child. I gave
him a hug and kiss, reminded him to use sunscreen and he was

It took about one hour to reach the camp, which is located in the
Annapolis area. Campers don't usually arrive until Sunday
afternoon, but they were kind enough to allow me to show up a day
early. I was happy to see Brenda, Belinda, Toby and others.
That's always the best part of camp -- the people.

It was so strange being at camp on Saturday. There was so much
bustle and activity that campers never know about. SSP's took
training classes and helped with set-up.

I was massively baffled when Amy told me some SSP's were blowing
up inflatable beach balls. I couldn't imagine what that was for.
Later I learned the balls were part of the decorations. Since the
theme this year was "Out of This World," the balls were used as
planets and there were rocket ships and streamers hanging from
the ceiling.

On this night, the SSP's ruled. As part of the fun, they went on
a late night run to Sonic for milkshakes. As for me, I just
stayed in my room reading my book. I knew that my time to be
queen would come soon enough.

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