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Thursday, June 20, 2013

camp adventure day 5

Day 5: Scott's Losing Streak Continues

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Scott and I enjoyed a long, fun chat after breakfast. In fact, we
sat in the dining hall half way to lunch. Whoops.

It was actually sunny out, so I decided to sit on the gazebo and
try again at reading my book. Instead, I ended up talking to
Teddy. He's a nice man. We used to live in the same city when I
lived in Maryland. I'd see him each month at the mall for a Deaf

I had a Dr. Pepper with me that Amy had opened. No explosion this
time. As I talked to Teddy, I became thirsty. I picked up the pop
bottle and twisted the lid. IT EXPLODED!!! I moved fast so most
of the mess landed on the concrete floor. I'm happy to say that
explosion number three was the last.

My plan for after lunch was to paint my pinch pot, and then go
swimming. First I had to fix my wind chimes. I delegated
authority and let Tiara do that. Sadly, the chimes did not make
it home in good condition. The strings were hopelessly tangled.
My attempts to fix it made the problem worse. I ended up throwing
them away. I can buy some better chimes.

The pinch pot has a long and tragic story. I made it last year
out of clay. Joseph has one with a figure of himself on one side.
I made mine with the "I love you" handshape. I didn't have time
to paint it last year. I couldn't find anyone to help me paint it
at home. So I brought it back to camp to paint a year after I
made it.

Instead, we (meaning Tiara) worked on adding new clay to fill in
cracks and smooth out rough areas. This meant I wouldn't be able
to paint it at camp. That's okay. Amy said she'd help me before
going back to her home state. Unfortunately, we left the pinch
pot at camp. I guess that's the end of my art work.

I spent so much time chatting with people, I lost track of time.
It was too late to go swimming. It's a shame because it was
really pleasant outside.

Once again, I got my DBC and sat in the sun to read. I finally
finished the book! I've never read at camp before. It was kind of
nice, but once I reached the end of that book, I didn't do
anymore reading.

My dear online friend, Randy Pope, visited camp that day. As it
turned out, Amy was interpreting for him. She left to take him to
the metro station, and didn't come back for five hours. Scott and
I missed Randy that day, but it was fine because we knew we'd see
him on Thursday. Or so we thought...

After dinner, Scott and I had another marathon chat and almost
missed the start of Bingo. As I left the dining hall, I was
totally day dreaming. Never mind about what! I wasn't paying
attention and stumbled down the stairs. I didn't fall, but poor
Tiara nearly had a heart attack.

Janice and I sat with Scott. He's never won at Bingo. I find this
to be hilarious, because we play "everybody wins" Bingo. Scott
calls it "everybody but Scott wins" Bingo.

Janice won during the first round, and then again in another
game. I didn't win the first game. I teased Scott about causing
bad luck.

I won during the second round and picked out a purple, spiny ball
with lights inside. I thought this would be a perfect toy for the
residents I work with at the Hattie Larlham Foundation. Later, I
found out the ball has a wrist band and string. It is really
bouncy. I enjoy fooling around with it. This is one ball I won't

Back to Bingo and speaking of losing... Most people were winning
for the second time. Not Scott. His SSP felt sorry and started
playing a second card for him. She won. He didn't. After three
years of camp, Scott's losing streak continues. At least he's

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