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Sunday, June 23, 2013

camp adventure day 7

Day 7: Alien Invasion

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

I began this day at camp with a horrible mistake. As I said
before, it's easy to make errors with medication when not using
the usual organization system. At 7:00 AM, I took my night-time
pill. Crap!

To make matters worse, the weather was awful again. We made it to
breakfast without getting drenched. But it was very windy and
obviously going to rain soon. The weather forecast had us under
storm warning, too.

It was no surprise that banana boat rides were canceled. I was
really looking forward to taking Scott on another ride. (Or would
he take me for another swim?) Scott didn't even try to hide his
pleasure at escaping the banana boat. He pretty much did a jig on
the table. He may suck at Bingo, but he lucked out on this one.

I was trying so hard to fight the medication. It was a losing
battle. Everyone, including Scott, told me to go back to bed. It
was our last full day at camp. I didn't want to waste it with a
nap. However, my muscles were relaxed to the point that I could
barely walk.

Amy was taking me back to the retreat center. One second
everything was fine. The next brought on a heavy down pour. We
took refuge in another building, but we were already soaked. Once
the rain slowed, we made it back to my room. I had to change
clothes before getting into bed.

Amy woke me up later. I felt better and excited. Scott and I were
leaving camp to meet Randy and Jamie Pope for lunch. I was
thrilled about finally meeting my good online friends.

Bad News... Because of the storm prediction and all around icky
weather, they reluctantly cancelled. They did the right thing, as
I would find out later. But I was disappointed. Some day,
somehow, we will make it happen.

Scott and I, along with our group of SSP's, decided to go out
anyway. We went to the mall in Annapolis and had lunch at the
Cheesecake Factory. I had never been to one before, so this was a
new experience.

Scott proved he was a man by ordering a big cheese burger and
fries. I got shepherd's Pie. It was made with mixed veggies
instead of just corn. The food was quite tasty. I decided I like
that restaurant.

What to have for dessert at the Cheesecake Factor? Not
cheesecake. I don't like it. I got a piece of carrot cake, which
is one of my favorites. It was VERY big. I said, "They must have
killed the whole carrot to make this thing." The waitress

I ate and ate and ate some more. Just when I thought I couldn't
touch another bite, I discovered the part with cream cheese. So
on I went until my tummy ached.

Hey, don't judge me until you know what Scott was up to. That boy
likes his chocolate. He ordered a massive Godiva chocolate
brownie sundae. Death by chocolate. I was dizzy just from the

When we finished, I grabbed my mint Ice Breakers. I could smell
at least three other types of breath mints in use. It's a
DeafBlind thing. When you need to get close to communicate, you
learn to be mindful of your breath.

We went into the mall to do some shopping. Scott went off on a
long walk. I think he was trying to repent for his chocolate
sins. Amy, Tiara and I checked out some earring shops. I was
still looking for alien earrings to wear at the dance.

Charming Charlie's and Claire's Boutique are like culture shock.
The idea is not to find what I'd like, but to look for the most
awful jewelry and accessories ever made. I'm talking about
necklaces that weight ten pounds and feather earrings that reach
your boobs. I find it both hilarious and disturbing. Do women
actually wear this stuff?

How about a pair of striped knee socks? Or black hose that comes
with tears? Or a belt with two inch spiked studs? I don't think

We couldn't find any alien earrings. Instead, we located
something ugly - rainbow spiny earrings of a planet and ring. Oh,
gag me with a spoon! I was embarrassed to buy them, but I needed
something for my costume.

We found Scott and his SSP's sitting outside a Starbuck's. That
was convenient for Amy. I think she's on a mission to drink
coffee from every Starbuck's in America.

Scott, the sneaky devil, walked way down to the other side of the
mall where he bought me my favorite vanilla truffles. I like! I
got a Dr. Pepper and waited... and waited... and waited.

We were trapped at the mall during a thunder storm and tornado
watch. See what I mean about Randy being the smart one? Dinner
was just ending by the time we got back to camp. They saved us
some food, but I was still painfully stuffed from the Cheesecake

Next, it was time for the dance. Campers and SSP's usually dress
up in some way related to the theme. They made costume parts in
art, so most people had bugged out eyes, antennas or tinsel hair.
Some people dressed in full costumes. It was a true alien

I had on a black t-shirt with the Roswell alien's head on it.
That's the little green alien with big black eyes. I wore
sunglasses that matched the eyes and my new earrings.

Someone asked me what planet I was from. I said, "The planet of
the ugly rainbow earrings."

My friends went Star Trek crazy. Scott had on a Scotty t-shirt,
of course. Janice had Spock ears, and Peyton was Captain Kirk.

It was a fun evening. They had a DJ. The music was loud enough
that I could both hear and feel it. I danced with Andrew and
David, and then spent the rest of the time "chair dancing" with
Scott. People took many pictures. When the dance was over, we
stayed up a little longer, just talking and goofing around.

My roommates were sound asleep when I got back. I still had to
pack. I had to make room for two new t-shirts, an owl hanging and
Darth Tater. I felt good but tired. I also knew it would be hard
to say good bye in the morning.

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