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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Character Sketch

Title: Divergent (Divergent Trilogy book 1)
Author: Veronica Roth

Are you...?

Abnegation: You embrace selflessness, choosing to live a simple
life in which you focus on the needs of others.

Amity: You believe in peace and friendship and devote yourself to
making people happy.

Candor: You are open and honest in every way. You speak your mind
even when your thoughts are rude or negative.

Dauntless: You are fearless and determined, embracing danger as a
daily part of life.

Erudite: Your strongest impulse is constant learning and the
pursuit of knowledge.

If you fail to find your place in society, you will be
factionless, living in poverty and performing jobs that no one
else will do.

Pray you aren't Divergent. People who show traits of multiple
factions tend to turn up dead.


You have always struggled to achieve the selflessness required of
your faction. Now it is time for your attitude test and Choosing
ceremony. You stand before the five factions bowls, blood
dripping off your hand. What will you choose? Where will you go?
Deep inside, you know you don't belong anywhere.


It's easier for you. You are the perfect model of an Abnegation
boy. Selflessness is your way of life. As your sister struggles
with her inner conflict, she has no doubt where you belong. But
maybe you've been lying all along... It's time to give up your
secrets and choose.


It is your job to train the new Dauntless initiates. You are
tough, scary and dangerous to the core. But there is also a
tender side you show only to one. Mysteries surround you like
black clouds. Who are you Four? Where do you come from?


If Four is tough, you are brutal. If Four is scary, you are
sadistic. As one of the Dauntless leaders, that makes you very,
very dangerous.

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