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Thursday, January 16, 2014

news from neodba

News from NEODBA

Northeast Ohio DeafBlind Association
Angela C. Orlando, President
January 17th, 2014

In this issue:

1. Upcoming Event: Snow Tubing
2. The Tactile Carnival
3. Blog: The 3rd Tactile Carnival
4. Donations
5. Deaf-Blind Theater Troupe in Cleveland
6. Facebook Resources
7. Contact Us


Upcoming Event: Snow Tubing

Join NEODBA for a fun-filled day in the snow. New-comers can
start with the slower lanes. Thrill seekers can fly down the fast
ones. If you really want a wild ride ask for a spin at the top.

What: NEODBA's trip to the Polar Blast Snow Tubing Park

When: Sunday, January 26th, 2014 (Make-up date, if needed, will
be February 2nd)

Time: Noon to 3:00 PM

Location: Brandywine Ski Resort
1146 West Highland Road
Sagamore Hills, Ohio 44067


Cost: $20 per person
Volunteers who RSVP before January 19th: $15

We are selling vouchers to raise funds for hosing The Tactile
Carnival in March. Each voucher costs $20 and can be used on
January 26th or any other date. Want to go snow tubing but can't
join us on the $26th? Purchase a voucher to help support NEODBA

Who is invited? Anyone who would like to come. We are looking for
individuals who are DeafBlind, or those with botg hearing and
vision loss, volunteers, family and friends.

NEODBA is happy to sponsor ASL students seeking community service
hours or more experience outside the classroom.

Contact: Angela Orlando

Remember to RSVP

A visually appealing flyer is available upon request. Please help
spread the word!


The Tactile Carnival

We are hard at work making plans to bring The Tactile Carnival to
Northeast Ohio. This is an event you do not want to miss! There
will be 12 games, prizes, real cotton candy and many friends.
Save the date for Saturday afternoon, March 1st, 2014. More
details will be released soon.

If you are on Facebook, check out and "like" The Tactile
Carnival. Be sure to include the word "the" in your search term
so you find the entertainment company. This page includes
pictures from the first four Tactile Carnivals and many new

What is The Tactile Carnival? Read my blog to view the experience
through my eyes. I'll post about the 4th Tactile Carnival in our
next newsletter.


Blog: The 3rd Tactile Carnival
Deaf-Blind Camp of Maryland
June 12th, 2013

Hands down, up and all around, The Tactile Carnival was the
absolute best activity at camp this year. I asked many campers
about their favorite part of camp. Every single one said, "The
Tactile Carnival."

The Tactile Carnival is Scott Stoffel's brainchild and obsession.
He is an engineer, inventor, little boy at heart and a very kind
man. Add Amazon to the mix, and you have the recipe for something

Scott's purpose was to create games that are accessible for all
people (put emphasis on the word "all.") People who are Deaf with
low vision, completely DeafBlind, blind or even sighted can play
all game. For target games, that means those with usable vision
must wear blindfolds. The games are accessible to people of all
ages and those in wheelchairs or with other physical
disabilities. Scott will also create theme related games when the
carnival is part of a larger event. With themed games, you get
themed prizes. Scott pays out-of-pocket for all game parts and
prizes. He puts major time and money into The Tactile Carnival.

The rest of this blog is a combination of Scott's own
descriptions and my goofy comments.

The Tactile Carnival Games at a Glance

Each DeafBlind player will get 12 free game tickets. Ssp's can
receive three tickets on request. Points translate to prize
tokens when a ticket is used. Tokens can be exchanged for prizes
at the prize booth at any time during the carnival.)

1. Meteor Shower - A modified skeeball-type game with fuzzy
tennis balls that stick to velcro targets on the backstop. The
SSP holds a magnetic board with tactile targets that mirror the
backstop and places markers on this board to show blind/low
vision players exactly where their balls go. (This game drives
service dogs nuts.

*** I am a skeeball queen, so I was most excited about this
game. They showed me the wooden rails, ramp and magnetic board.
My SSP's told me the game is really detailed and impressive
looking. Unfortunately, there were some technical problems. I was
struggling big time and couldn't figure out why. I assumed it was
my own body that made the game too hard. In addition, my SSP's
did not use the board to show me where my balls landed.

When reviewing photos later, Scott discovered that the game was
set up wrong. The targets were too high, which required muscle
and hard throws to get a hit. That's not how the game is intended
to be.

2. Astro Chimps - (Sighted players must wear a blindfold.) Use a
tactile targeting guide at your tabletop shuffleboard alley to
shoot roller pucks and try to knock down the chimps in space
suits and the Hubble Space Telescope at the other end. Keep your
pucks (and mind!) out of the gutters.

*** Naturally, the chimps and Hubble were all tactile, and we
got to feel them before playing. Those monkeys in space suits
were adorable. I enjoy the mini-shuffle board style game. Adding
toys at the end made it even better. However, the person running
the booth did not use the target board. It's a shame because
those boards are the key to making these games tactile.

3. Space Race - (Up to four people can play this at once.) Place
your bets! Put your ticket on the wacky, wobbling space shuttle
racer you think will reach the Moon first. Win tokens for picking
the Winner, Place or Show.
*** This game was cool. I didn't understand how it worked until
later, but it was still fun. Players role a die to indicate which
piece moves forward. Campers kept rolling a 3, which was me. I
won 12 tokens at this game.

4. Star Wars Death Star Attack - It's your squadron of five
X-Wing fighters and the Millennium Falcon against a swarm of
Imperial TIE fighters and the awesome Death Star. Score points by
picking off the TIE fighters and then take out the Death Star
before its turbo laser cannon wipes out your fleet. The game
board and miniature ships are tactile.
*** This was the first game I played, and represented Scott at
his best. The game board is incredible with the ships and three
spinners. First, you spin to try to knock out a tie fighter. Then
you use a different spinner to hopefully not sill off your own
pieces. I was sad when I lost the Millennium Falcon. Han Solo is
hot! When you are ready, you can spin for a shot at the Death
Star. I got it! I won five tokens all together.

5. Star Trek Explorer - Send your three Federation starships (the
Enterprise, Reliant and Prometheus) out to explore unknown
sectors of space and discover strange new worlds. Score points
for finding new planets and earn a bonus if you find all the
letters to spell "Trek" but beware of hostile alien ships lurking
in the deeps of space. The game board and pieces are tactile.

*** This was another clever and exciting game. It plays kind of
like Battleship. You put your ships on the magnetic game grid.
Then you turned over a card representing that space on the board.
This tells you if you found a letter, planet or ran into
something bad. Tactile pieces are then put on the grid to show
what you found... and you might lose one of your ships. I found
one planet and a lot of bad aliens.

6. Plinko - A carnival favorite. Drop your discs down the
30-inch-high Plinko board and see where they end up when they
finish bouncing around. Large print and Braille slot values
are posted at the bottom of the board.

*** This game seemed to be a favorite with most campers. It was
a fast and easy way to win. Donna, who worked the booth, said she
ran out of tokens and had to steal more from a nearby game.

7. Spin-a-Prize - Another carnival classic. Place your ticket on
one number or split it between two, using the tactile betting
board. Then spin the wooden wheel and see if you're a lucky

*** I didn't like this game because I didn't win. Ruth won the
jackpot and got 25 tokens. I know she enjoyed the game.

8. Dingo Royal - (One or two people can play this at once.) Try
your hand at this fast-paced variation of the popular deaf
community game. The cards have large numbers and Braille
markings. Earn points for clearing out whole suits and win a
bonus if you go out.

*** I love Dingo, and I loved this game. It was fun being able
to play a short version of what is usually a long card game.
Scott uses only the 10 cards, jacks, queens, kings and aces. Each
person gets 10 cards. If the joker is played by the person
running the booth, then you get to pick any card to turn over.

I think I played against David. I earned two tokens for clearing
out two suits. David got down to one card and then won the game.
If there had been more time, I would have gone back to play this

9. Slime Time - No Tactile Carnival is complete without a pit
full of slimy ooze and creepy-crawlers for you to stick your hand
into. You've got 60 seconds to rescue as many butterflies and
ladybugs as you can from the slime pit. And don't worry about the
scorpions, spiders, ants, dragonflies, bees, roaches, centipedes,
snakes and other lovable critters waiting to meet your fingers -
very few of them bite.
*** Slime Time is an awesome game! You might say it's a real
scream... with a lot of laughter and funny faces. Now, I know you
are thinking Scott is brilliant for creating a slime game. Wrong!
The slime was my idea! I am definitely into slime.

Finding the nice bugs was harder than you'd imagine. Those things
are way slippery. I thought it would be easier to focus on
ladybugs, but the roundish shape made them hard to grip. I
finally switched to butterflies. I won three tokens on this game.
I couldn have played that one all night without getting bored.
Yeah, I'm a little weird.

10. Shooting Starfish - (sighted players must wear a blindfold.)
Use the long pole to find the big metal bucket and try to toss
the rubber fish in to earn points. After you've thrown the
trouts, bass, lobster, crab, and seahorse, take extra care to get
the starfish in the bucket and earn a bonus.

*** It was the pole that made this game successful. Usually
when a person who is blind plays a target game, they are throwing
at random. But with this one, the target location and distance
could be easily judged with the pole. There was no need to ask
SSP's where to find the target.

11. Extinct! - Once upon a time, the dinosaurs ruled the Earth.
Choose which of the jumbo dinosaur figures you think will outlive
all the others, as the mighty creatures fall to extinction one by
one. The longer your dinosaur survives, the more points you earn.
Find the hidden dinosaur eggs and win bonus points.

*** This was a really cute and extremely tactile game. I chose
the brontosaurus because he's the veggie eater. I held him in my
lap as I played.

To kill a bad dino, all you had to do was turn over a card. The
dinosaur that matched the one on the card became extinct. But
they didn't just tell you the name of the dinosaur. They actually
handed you the big figure. I enjoyed hitting them against the
table to make sure they were really dead. After I picked about
four cards, I turned over the brontosaurus. Game over. But he
went down with a fight. I smashed my finger when I tried to kill
him. And they say veggie-lovers aren't tough...

12. Pluto's Revenge - Pluto is NOT happy about losing his status
as a planet, and he's going to take it out on you and your fleet
of spaceships (space shuttle, Saturn 5 rocket, the Apollo and a
Gemini capsule). Move your Rover from planet to planet, starting
with Mercury and trying to get all the way to Neptune, by
advancing your fleet through space. But watch out for Pluto and
his gang of asteroids - they'll try to wreck your ships. The
giant game board has tactile planet magnets and raised
numbers for scoring, and the pieces are also tactile.

*** I liked this game. It didn't like me. Wham, bam and you are
dead. I'd like another chance to take my revenge on Pluto's
Revenge. The funny part was that Scott's dad ran this booth. He
wore a shirt that said, "In my days, we had nine planets."

Prizes, Prizes and more Prizes

In the weeks proceeding camp, Scott went crazy looking for the
best prizes. He bought all sorts of space related items and toys,
including those from television shows and movies. He had a bunch
of cool t-shirts. There were also small stuffed animals, stretchy
aliens, Pop Rocks, Star Burst and lots of other candy and snacks.
The bottom line is that Scott went all out on prizes.

After my big wins on some early games, I ran to the prize table
and used 25 tokens to buy a t-shirt. It's purple with pink
letters that says, "If lost, please return to Earth." I nabbed
the shirt first before someone else got it. But what I was really
determined to win was Darth Tater. (It's Mr. Potatohead but with
Darth Vader accessories.)

When I returned to the games, the pace slowed down. I had to wait
in lines and then didn't win many tokens. I finished my last game
just as the carnival ended. To my great surprise, Darth Tater was
still there. So, I was a happy camper with my t-shirt and toy.

The Tactile Carnival was totally awesome, and Scott was the star
of the night! He's too humble to take praise, but I was very
proud of him. I can't wait to play again.

For the record, the carnival might be over, but Scott is still
obsessed. He's already developing a new game. That man has a
scary smart brain and knows how to use it for making people

__ Note: For Carnivals held outside his home region, Scott will
require funds for travel and hotel expenses, and also for prizes.



NEODBa is seeking donations to help cover the costs of hosting
The Tactile Carnival in Ohio. Your generous help is appreciated.

Please make checks payable to "Judy Knisely for NEODBA."

Mail to: North East Ohio Deaf-Blind Association
PO Box 433
Willard, Ohio 44890


Deaf-Blind Theater Troupe in Cleveland

Here is some exiting news -- The world famous Deaf-Blind Theater
Troupe from Israel is coming to Cleveland!! March 19th - 22nd,
2014 Playhouse Square. Tickets cost $10 to $60
March 19th 7:30 PM
March 20th 7:30 PM
March 21st 6:30 PM
March 22nd 9:00 PM

Not By Bread Alone -
Created & Performed by Nalagaat Theater Deaf-Blind Acting
Directed by Adina Tal

Direct from Israel - In Not By Bread Alone, eleven deaf-blind
actors take the audience on a magical tour of the districts of
their inner world; the world of darkness, silence and bread. As
the process of bread making unfolds on stage - the dough is being
kneaded, raised and baked "for real" - a unique encounter occurs
between actors and audience. Transformative. Moving.. Profound.
Educational. Unforgettable. These are just a few of the words
used to describe this once-in-a-lifetime experience that brings
the theatrical and culinary arts together in an unprecedented


Facebook Resources

Are you looking for Facebook groups and pages related to
DeafBlindness? Here is a list of everything Deaf, blind and
DeafBlind -- along with other related topics. This list is local
(Northeast Ohio and Ohio), state, national and international.

ABI users with NF2
ACB (American Council of the Blind) Columbus, Ohio Chapter
Akron CSD
American Association of the Deaf-Blind
The American Sign Language Association (University of Akron)
ASDC - American Society of Deaf Children
Ashtabula Deafclub
ASL Advocates
At First Sight Braille Jewelry
Auditory Neuropathy
Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder

Bapin Group, LLC
Braille Institute
Braille Superstore
Braille Works International Inc.
Buckeyeclub Deaf

California Deaf-Blind Services
Canada Usher Syndrome Connection
Central Ohio Deaf-Blind Association
Central Ohio KODA
CHARGE syndrome
CHARGE syndrome - Members Only
CHARGE Syndrome Research Lab
Choose Work!
Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center
Cleveland Sight Center
Coalition for Usher Syndrome Research
Cochlear Implant Online
CODA - Children of Deaf Adults
Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind
Commission of Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing Minnesotans
Community Services for and of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Congenital Rubella Syndrome
CRS (Congenital Rubella Syndrome)
County of Summit Developmental Disabilities Board
Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Deaf and Hearing Craft and Art
Deaf Catholics
Deaf Clubs
Deaf Discussion
Deaf Night Out
Deaf Night Out -- Cleveland
Deaf Night Out - Cuyahoga
Deaf Night Out- NE Ohio
Deaf Ohio
Deaf Outreach Church
Deaf Provider
Deaf Quilting
Deaf Review
Deaf to Work
DBSocial Group
Deaf-Blind Ally and Support Team
Deaf-Blind Camp of Maryland
Deaf-Blind Community Discussion
Deaf-Blind Grizzly Bear Camp
Deaf-Blind Parents
Deaf-Blind Training, Interpreting and Professional Development
Deaf-Blind with Special Needs
Deafblind Handsmatter
Deafblind Chicago
Deafblind Think tank

Facebook Accessibility
Florida Coordinating Council for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Florida School for the Deaf and Blind
Foundation Fighting Blindness

GADS Interpreting
Global VRS

The Hadley School for the Blind
Hearing Health Foundation
Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youth and Adults
How Would you Sign...

I Can-Connect
International Deaf Chat
International Usher Syndrome Network - IUSN
Interpreters of the Deaf
Interveners and DeafBlindness

James Clarke (Deaf-Blind runner)

Kansas Deaf-Blind Project
KSU Signers

Lakeland Signers
Leader Dogs for the Blind
LLURP Living with Usher Syndrome and Retinitis Pigmentosa

Macular Degeneration Association
Maryland Deaf-Blind Project
MaxiAids Products for Independent Living
Mayfield Signers
Metro Washington Association of the Deaf-Blind
Mississippi DeafBlind Project
Mothers for Usher Syndrome
Molly Watt - Living with Usher Syndrome
Montana School for the Deaf and Blind
MVAD Warren

National Association of the Deaf
National Braille Press
National Center on Deaf-Blindness
National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness
National Family Association for Deaf-Blind
National Task Force on Deaf Blind Interpreting
New York Deaf-Blind Collaborative
NF2 Just Us
Northeast Deaf
North East Ohio Deaf-Blind Association
Northeastohio DoitDeaf

Ohio Association of the Deaf
Ohio Association of the Deaf, Inc
Ohio Association of the Deaf-Blind
Ohio Deaf and ASL Events
Ohio Deaf Chat Group
Ohio Hands & Voices
Ohio School for the Deaf
Ohio State School for the Blind
Ohio State School For the Blind Marching Band Boosters
Ohio Weather Alert
Ohio Weather Authority
Optic Atrophy
Optic Atrophy 1
Oregon Deaf-Blind Project

Parents of Blind Children of Ohio
Parents of Children with Auditory Neuropathy (PCAN)
Perkins School for the Blind
PHARC Support
Portage County Board of Developmental Disabilities
Prevent Blindness Ohio
Pro-Tactile Happy Hour in DC
Pro-Tactile: The DeafBlind Way
Proud Moms of Children with Usher Syndrome

Retinitis Pigmentosa
Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children
Rubella Congenital Syndrome

SAS Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Kent State University
Seabeck Deaf Blind Retreat
Signing Families
Social Security Disability Befit Assistance
South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind
Southern California Association of the Deaf-Blind
Support Services Providers 4 Deaf-Blind (SSP's)

The Tactile Carnival
Tony Hill - Blind, Deaf and Umpiring
Tric aslclub

Uakron Signers
US Families (For Usher Syndrome)
Usher Syndrome
Usher Syndrome (of America)
Usher Syndrome Support Group
Usher Syndrome Support Group/Foundation Fighting Blindness

Washington Deaf-Blind Project

Compiled by Angela C. Orlando
Updated: January, 2014
Permission is granted to share

Did I miss something? Contact me at


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