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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Several years ago, my son was upset because he felt he wasn't
good at anything. I told him my theory. I believe that all people
have one special talent. They just need to explore new things to
find that talent. I did not tell him the flaw in the theory. It
seems to be true of other people but not for me. I had no talent
and long ago gave up on the idea.

I was wrong. There was a special skill inside me that was
bursting to be let out. Lack of confidence was the reason I kept
it buried deep inside. Friends encouraged me. They believed I
could write. It was their support that led me to write my first
story. Once the gates were opened, the creativity came pouring
out. I became an active blogger and had some of my work published
in a small e-zine.

Finally, I decided to take an Introduced to Creative Writing
class at Kent State University. As luck would have it, I ended up
with the most wonderful teacher. She opened me up to a whole new
level of writing. Suddenly, the fearsome poetry I dreaded so much
became a passion. I took two more classes with this teacher. She
helped me refine my skills and overcome my confidence issues.
More importantly, she kept me writing even through the darkest
times of my life.

It was that teacher who gave me the opportunity to participate in
my first poetry reading. I was terrified sitting in front of an
audience while reading my own work. At my second poetry reading a
year later, I was on top of the world. I felt proud of my work
and enjoyed sharing it with the audience. I have a sneaky feeling
that they enjoyed it, too.

About two years ago, I received some information about an
international writing contest hosted by an organization in Japan.
The prompt gave me an idea. I let the magic take me over as I
wrote my essay. Feeling silly, I mailed my work and forgot all
about it. I can't begin to describe my shock the day a package
and check from Japan arrived on my door-step. I was one of six
grand prize winners. My essay was re-published in many American
magazines and newsletters.

I could no longer deny my talent. I also couldn't deny the love
and passion I felt for creative writing. I know I'm not a master
writer. I need more development and coaching. Even then, I
believe the learning process never ends. I'm glad for that,
because I never want to stop learning. I feel most alive when I
am writing. That, too, will never end.

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