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Monday, June 2, 2014

when a relay call goes wrong

I dialed 711 to connect to the Ohio Relay Service. Here is an
actual transcript of a call gone wrong.

Operator: number calling pls ga

Me: georgio's 330 673 3800 ga

Operator: dialing local 330-673-3800 ringing 1 ... 2 ... . (male)
(missed greeting) (explaining relay) ga

Me: i'd like to order for delivery ga

Georgio's: what is the address q ga

Me: (Prepared phrase with name, address and phone number)

Georgio's: what was the phone number again q ga

Me: (repeat phone number)

Georgio's: alright i am going to confirm that as oh my goodness
it would probably be easier to do this on line has he or she ever
gone on line to do this before

Operator: (talking) ga

Me: i am deaf and blind and can't access the online order form.

Operator: (very rude)

Georgio's: is he typing to u i am seeming to have a problem with
u i am not

Operator: (coughing)

Georgio's: this is ridiculous i am hanging up sksk

Operator: (person hung up)

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