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Thursday, July 3, 2014

camp adventure day 5

Day 5: The Headache

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

I had gone to bed with a headache. When my SSP woke me up on
Thursday, my entire head exploded. Or at least that's how it
felt. It was a big-time, nasty, evil headache.

I was trying to dress and pack, but every little movement hurt.
When Ruby came to get me for breakfast, I snapped at her to come
back later. (So sorry, friend.) I still wasn't completely packed,
but we needed to get to breakfast.

Scott started to tease me for being late until he got a good look
at me. I've been told I didn't look good. Scott was going to give
me some Tylenol. Ruby beat him to it with some Advil. At least no
one called an ambulance.

There was so much excitement in the air about Andrew and Kelly's
wedding. They planned to marry after the bowling/mall field trip
and have their reception starting with a catered dinner. They
asked for camp donations in lieu of wedding gifts. I thought that
was wonderfully kind of them.

Unfortunately, Scott, Frank and I would be leaving after
breakfast and would miss the wedding. This was a hard decision to
make and was not meant as an insult to the bride and groom. It's
a three hour drive from camp to Scott's place. Frank made this
trip on Sunday to bring Scott to camp and on Wednesday for the
Tactile Carnival. We didn't want him to have to do it again on
Friday. So Frank spent the night, and we would leave Thursday

Because of my aching, screaming head, I wasn't in the mood for
lots of goodbyes. I told Scott I just needed to pack the bedding.
Ruby and I went to do that, while he and Frank waited. What
happened next was unexpected. It was quiet in the room, and Ruby
and I began to talk. We've been friends since 2003. We had a lot
of girl talk to catered up on.

After an hour, Scott sent someone in to check on us. At that
point, we hadn't even started. Ruby got the blankets pack, but we
weren't done chatting. The same woman came back 30 minutes later.
I felt bad for making the men wait, but it felt great to talk to
my friend in private.

We finally hit the road. My head wasn't at all happy about that.
Every bump felt like a brain mine going off.

Scott got me some Tylenol after we stopped for lunch. He is
constantly plagued by allergies, headaches and migraines. It was
a BIG bottle... and I spilled the entire thing in the car. I
tried to help clean up but knocked a bunch of pills out of
Scott's hands. Oh, boy.

I took the meds and lay back as he cleaned up the spilled pills.
I heard the "clink, clink" of pills being dropped back into the
bottle for a long time. It was a BIG bottle.

When we reached the house Scott shares with his parents and
sister, I felt 90% dead. Scott somehow managed to get me inside
and up to the guess room. I took off my shoes and braces and lay
down for a nap. Even the pillow made me head hurt more.

I woke up several hours later and felt a little better. It was
time for dinner. Camp was over and my Summer vacation had just

Angela C. Orlando

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