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Thursday, March 17, 2016

instrument of choice

Instrument of Choice

(inspired by Robert Phillips)

I'm thin and scrawny, always looking up, searching the line of
trumpets for cute boys, too shy to say hi but I wave to the fat
boy, my friend, who plays clarinet.

I wanted a voice so I chose the huge sax, baritone, big as me.
Neck aches from the weight, ankle twists with the strain to stay
upright, fingers spread over keys the size of silver dollars,
mouth bulges, tongue strokes the reed. It tastes like wood and
feels just right.

I gather breath from way down low, let it out with a soul-filled
blow. Notes explode, strong and deep. I'm the beat, they follow
my lead, flutes trill, trumpets buzz the melody.

I wanted a voice so I chose the huge sax and Ms. Hazel, the
English teacher, says she can hear me from her room on the second

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