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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Experience Green

             Recently, my son's school participated in several activities and special events to celebrate Earth week. All the teachers tried to incorporate Mother Nature in every subject taught that week.  The children  even engaged in a "run-a-thon" during recess.  Exercise, healthy living, plant life, animals and energy conservation... you name it, it was covered.

            In this kind of learning environment, even the cafeteria needs to get involved.  In an attempt to promote  healthy eating, the  cafeteria challenged  students to "eat  the Rainbow."  Red, orange, yellow, green and blue.  Each day, a different colored  fruit or  vegetable was served at lunch.   Would you eat every color of the rainbow?  These children thought they were up to the task.

            Red was red pepper day.  To my surprise, JD really liked the red peppers.  He now wants them in his salad.  Wow.

            On other days they served mandarin oranges, bananas, and blue berries.  You can probably figure out the colors on your own.  JD enjoyed them all.  He was so eager to find out what would be served for   the  rainbow each day.

            And then it came... green day.  So many choices to celebrate green.   What did the school go for?  Broccoli.  It was not a popular choice.

            JD told me that almost none of the  kids would even try the broccoli.  JD didn't want to but the beloved PE teacher was watching.  He took a bite.  He told me, "I almost throwed up."  Then he added that one little girl actually did.  Oh dear.

            I once read a  book with humorous parenting tips.  One page warned, "Even if you call them little trees, kid's still won't eat broccoli."

            JD told me a good joke.  "What's the difference between broccoli and boogers?  Kids won't eat broccoli."

            What does all this have to do  with deaf-blindness?  Absolutely nothing.  Still, it's good for a few laughs.  Everybody needs some humor now and then.  It's a good way to cope with the harsh realities of  everyday life.

            So pull up a chair and sit with me at the kitchen table.  I've got some dip and a big bowl of broccoli.  Just remember one thing -  leave the kids at home.




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  1. You make my side hurt from laughing so hard!
    Not only am I laughing, but also my teenager because although he now eats broccoli himself, he also babysits younger kids and knows what they eat.