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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Gross!

It's one of my major pet peeves and it happened again today.
What are people thinking when they do this? Or what are
they forgetting to think? Why would they assume it's okay
to do this? It's not. It's gross!
Here we are in late August. The mid-west has finally been
hit by summer's heat. We are busy here getting JD ready to
return to school tomorrow. We are all running around like
headless chickens. We are trying to get everything done.
It's natural that people are feeling hot. I am, too. What
isn't natural is the way they share that fact with me.
They could take my hand and sign "hot." If they don't know
the sign, they can fingerspell the word. They can even
pantomime and I think I'll figure it out. Apparently those
methods are too hard. What they actually do may be fast.
it may be effective. But I will say it again - it's gross!
So what is this horrible thing i'm complaining about? In
order to tell me they are hot, they take my hand and swipe
it across their forehead so I can feel that they are
dripping with sweat. Oh, give me a break! Why would I want
to touch someone's sweaty brow? It's disgusting. It stays
on my hand so I have to get up and wash or sanitize. I'm
not a germ freak but touching sweat gives me that icky
feeling all over.
If you are hot, please, just tell me. I'll believe you.
Really. Communicate with words and keep that dripping
wetness to yourself!

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