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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


My son just came home after spending a month with his
father for summer visitation. It was a long and horrible
month for me. Life without JD is nearly unbearable. I
literally counted down the days until he returned to me.
Focusing on when I would see him again was all that kept me
On Sunday, we had a wonderful reunion. I gave him a giant
hug and many kisses. We sat out on the yard swing just
chatting and goofing around. My heart was once again
Yesterday, JD spent a busy and fun-filled day with his two
best friends. It was summer at it's best. They enjoyed
video games, a bike ride, a water fight, running through the
sprinkler and swimming in the neighbor's pool. It doesn't
get much better than that.
Needless to say, he was one tired little boy at the end of
the day. Once his friends had gone home, he was ready for
some mom-time. My favorite!
JD sat on my lap while watching SpongeBob on TV. He may be
eight, but he still has the ability to cuddle when he wants
to. I could smell the scent of chocolate on his breath. My
arms were wrapped around his body. I could feel the rise
and fall of his chest and the beating of his heart. I lay
my cheek against his head and felt the softness of his hair.
It all felt so wonderful.
Until that moment, I hadn't realized how drain and lonely I
was. My world was gray and cloudy. There was no laughter
and love. It was just day after day without my source of
As I sat there holding my son, I realized that I was
re-charging. With JD in my arms, I was once again filling
with the strength, hope and loves he gives me. The clouds
drifted away. My world was light and sunny again. All the
laughter and smiles returned. It felt good to be alive.
It was like a machine sucking up power from an electrical
charger. In this case, the power was love and happiness. I
held my son while all the goodness in the world returned to
my life. There's no doubt about it. I was re-charging. My
inner battery is now 100% JD charged. Thank Heaven for

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